The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 3

When Flanders Failed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1991 on FOX

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  • Another perfect episode of Season 3


    While hosting a backyard barbecue, Ned Flanders announces that he is going to open "The Leftorium," a new store in the mall that will cater to the needs of left-handers in Springfield. Homer scoffs at the idea, secretly wishing for Ned to fail, and to his delight, his wish starts to come true.

    10 out of 10

  • this was a great ep

    in this ep of the simpsons ned flanders is having a cookout and homer and the family goes over and homer is eating like a pig and drinking bear and then he secretly wishes ned flanders to flai all of sudden things start to go bad for the flanders and left and right he changing things to get them to work and then he is living in a car and homer gets upset for what he did and decides to help ned out by going around and getting people to go to the flanders shop and then people go and buy stuff mr burns buy a the car and ned flanders is saved this was a good ep.
  • When Flanders Failed

    At a barbecue, Ned announces he is making his own left-handed store at the mall. Homer of course could not care less, and when he and Ned do a wish-bone thing, Homer makes a wish that the store will ultimately fail. Later on Homer realizes that the store is indeed doing bad money-wise, and Homer starts to feel guilty because he knows it was the wish he made. Will Homer be able to set things right for his friend in the end?

    A decent episode, some people don't like Homer's characterization but I thought it was OK. Some funny parts as well
  • ha-ha

    While hosting a backyard barbecue, Ned Flanders announces that he is going to open "The Leftorium," a new store in the mall that will cater to the needs of left-handers in Springfield. Homer scoffs at the idea, secretly wishing for Ned to fail, and to his delight, his wish starts to come true.

    I love this episode because I love flanders episodes, there just so incredibly fun-diddly-funny.

    I like how Homer was looking for his wish and he wished f;anders dead, ahhh. I also enjoyed the part where Ned was behind on his payments and that guy went to the wrong house and said "'You siad you were homer simpson" 'Yes 'See you on thursday. Doh!
  • Ned starts a store for left-handed people.

    At a barbeque Ned announces that he is starting the Leftporium, a store that seels left-handed goods. Although, Homer wishes that his new store will fail miserably. And it does. Ned even gets desperate and sells Homer his whole living room for 75 dollars. Then, it's revealed to Homer that Ned is in debt. Ned is about to move away, but Homer starts being all nice and reccomending the store to people. So after all Ned doesn't moves away and everything is happy and merry. I loved the way Homer started laughing like a maniac at the thought of Ned's store going out of business. Funny episode and all.
  • Great episode...

    Ned Flanders decides to open his own business called the Leftorium, a store that sells tools and products aimed at left-handed consumers. Homer, filled with resentment towards Flanders, hopes that the Leftorium fails. Needless to say, the business is not a smashing success and Flanders goes broke, forcing his family to sell their furniture and possessions in a tag sale. Wracked with guilt, Homer enlists all of the left-handed people he knows (including Mr. Burns and Moe) to buy Flander's wares and save his neighbor from financial ruin. Very funny at many points but also this episode makes you think about how lucky and privleged we really are.
  • One of my favorites from the season, for sure.

    Ned and Homer break a wishbone and make a wish. Homer wishes that Flanders's new store, The Leftorium a store for lefties, will flop, and make Ned depressed and or poor. Soon enough, the wish comes true and Homer feels bad. After the store closes down, Homer tells a lot of friends and co-workers about Ned's store, and The Leftorium gets filled with customers and it helps get Ned back on his feet.

    This episode has brilliant writing - story-wise and joke-wise, and it's absolutely fun to watch. It shows Homer's sensitive side towards Homer, and that he doesn't hate Ned completely. Definitely one of the series finest episodes.
  • an other great Simpson installment

    The Simpsons always brings laughs, and I would say that even though this season wasn't that great, this episode was good.

    It was so funny when Bart and Homer make fun of Ned Flanders and makes fun of how he o-diddly talks. HAHAH. Also is was kinda sad also though because all those people needed left handed stuff, and there wasn't a store to sell it. But I'm glad Homer did the right thing and told everyone about Ned Flanders store.

    Homer was as always the most funiest person in the episode, but I just don't get why he would wish, I forgot what the food was called, but he used is an cracked that food, and Homer's wish came true.

    I guess it goes to show you, that you choise your own destiny.
  • Another good episode.

    Homer was quite mean in this episode, how could he be so cruel to poor Flanders? Anyway, there is clearly a change in animation in this episode, it is blurry, and off-center, and it looked like Flanders was changing shapes and turning pale, but then I found out it was done by a new animation company so thats OK, I would of enjoyed a lot more if the animation was done better, but oh well. Another good episode, from Season 3 during The Simpson's Prime Time.
  • Ned decides to give up the pharmaceutical business and open a store that sells left-handed merchandise. When his business doesn't do too well, it's up to Homer to save his neighbor.

    This is a great episode and one of the most memorable of the first few seasons. I find it particularly comical in the end when it turns out that practically all of springfield is left-handed. Hilarious moments include when Homer is sitting home alone and contemplating how hilarious it would be if the family came home from the barbeque and found that he had died from starvation, and he would be laughing, laughing from his grave. Definitely seems uncharacteristic of Ned to make such an irrational decision. All in all one of the funniest episodes of the season and a classic episode.
  • Ned Flanders opens a store for left-handed people and Homer wishes for it to close. It goes out of business, but Homer convinces Ned to reopen it. Homer calls his friends and they all come to the Leftorium.

    This was an amazing episode. This is my favorite episode I've ever seen of the Simpsons. (I started watching it a month ago.) I liked how Homer hated Flanders so much that he wished for his new store to close. When Flanders store closed, Homer saw how miserable Ned was, so he told Ned to reopen his store. He called tons of people and they all came. Bart decided to take karate and he hated it. So he tricked people into thinking that he learned the Touch of Death. He scared Nelson's friends into giving Lisa back her saophone. The episode ended happily with everyone singing 'Put on a Happy Face.'
  • Flanders loses everything after a failed attempt at a store in the mall.

    Homer and Flanders have never been the best of friends. Ned always tries to extend some sort of friendship. So, he invites the family to a barbecue. Homer first declines, but the smell of the barbecue causes him to lose it and come. Ned makes a special announcement, that he is opening a store in the mall for Left Handed people. During the barbecue, a wishbone is pulled and Homer wins, wishing Ned's store would fail. Suddenly, Homer's wish comes true as Flanders loses everything because of the failure of his store. Homer feels sympathy and invites his left handed friends to the store. Homer's generosity revives the store and Flanders greatly appreciates Homer's gift. This is a classic because we finally get to see Homer show some generosity and compassion towards Flanders.
  • Flanders starts a new store, but the buisness does really bad.

    Ned Flanders invites the Simpsons to a barbecue. When he announces that he is quitting his job to open a store that sells items for left-handed people. Homer hopes that the buisness will fail. Marge, meanwhile, worried that Bart is watching to much tv and not getting enough excerise, allows him to take karate lessons. When Homer drops Bart of, he visits Flanders new store, the Leftorium, and is happy to see that Ned is doing poorly. At his karate class, he realizes that he has to read books and work hard so he leaves and goes to the arcade. Ned's buisness is doing horrible and he holds a yard sale to make ends meet. Homer buys Ned's best items for alomst nothing. Although Homer runs into left-handed people who need left-handed items, he doesn't tell them about Ned's store. Meanwhile, Bart continues to ditch his karate class. He sees thugs trying to take Lisa's saxaphone and she asks him to use his karate skills. He tries to bluff through it, but winds up being beaten up. Homer finally gets his wish and Flander's store fails. Ned and his family are forced to move out of their house and live in their vechile. Two days before Ned's buisness offically closes, Homer comes through and calls all the left-handed people he knows. They go to Ned's store and Ned is back in buisness.
  • When Flanders Failed

    This is one of a few episodes that focus on Ned Flanders. Ned starts his own business and calls it the Leftorium. The store doesn't do so great at first but Homer helps Ned (Never thought I see the day) to get into business but in the end they all sing "Put on a happy face".
  • ned starts a new business

    this episode is hilarious as homer's rivalry with an unknowing flanders continues as homer wishes for ned's new leftorium to go out of business and doesn't tell any left-handed people about the store. a great scene is where homer buys all of ned's belongings for 75 dollars. however he changes his mind and puts his rivalry with ned on hold for a few minutes as he goes around the town telling everyone to shop there. the B story in this episode is that bart learns karate. however they don't teach him any moves so he quits and spends his money on video games instead, getting his comeuppance at the end of the episode when lisa tells the bullies that bart knows karate and he gets beaten up. this episode was full of jokes and was truly a great and memorable one.
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