The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 25

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 1995 on FOX

Episode Recap

Principal Skinner enters Springfield Elementary School and notices some odd smell. Realizing it doesn't come from him, he checks the classrooms until he finds out that the smell comes from recently deceased hamster Superdude. While digging a grave for Superdude, Groundskeeper Willie finds oil beneath the school, much to the pleasure of Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers.

Meanwhile, at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Mr. Burns wants a report to be mailed with urgency to Pasadena and it passes through several hands until reaching Homer Simpson, who doesn't realize Mr. Burns is the sender and hands the envelope back to him. Once again, Mr. Burns fails to remember Homer's name. After ten years, Homer is finally upset that his boss can't remember his name.

Back at school, Skinner is reading a newspaper article saying 'Awful School is Awful Rich' and shows it to Chalmers while covering the first 'Awful'. After joking about the idea of using the oil money to offer a scholarship to each student, Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers decide to listen to ideas from all students and faculty members.

Reading about the oil, Mr. Burns decides to have it for himself. He and Smithers go to an elevator where they meet Homer, Lenny, Carl and an employee named Guillermo. Homer being the only one whose name Mr. Burns doesn't remember. The other try to comfort him and Guillermo tells that, in a company picnic, Mr. Burns mistook Guillermo's son Reynaldo for Guillermo's son Rodrigo.

Back at school, Groundskeeper Willie asks for a crystal basin and a new filthy blanket (idea approved); Lunchlady Doris says that her kitchen staff is complaining about mice in the kitchen so she wants a new kitchen staff (idea approved); Ralph Wiggum suggests chocolate microscopes (idea approved); Otto suggests double guitars (idea approved); Lisa suggests a new jazz program and even brings Tito Puente (idea approved); Principal Skinner approves his own idea of buying more rubber stamps. Mr. Burns shows up dressed like a student to buy the oil but Principal Skinner declines the offer.

At the Simpson home, Bart is upset that his idea was rejected. Lisa tells that it's impossible to wake the dead and that even if the three stooges were alive they wouldn't hang out with him. Homer tells his family how upset he is that Mr. Burns doesn't remember his name and Marge, inspired on how her father made sure her mother never forgot him, suggests Homer to send Mr. Burns a candy box with his photo inside it.

Worried about how far Mr. Burns is ready to go to get the school oil, Smithers warns Mr. Burns that, since this time it's a school and not a rival company he's competing against, the people might revolt against him. However, Mr. Burns claims it's gonna be easy as stealing candy from a baby. He then sees through his binoculars a baby eating a candy at the park and thinks about it but Smithers suggests they'd eat the ones that just arrived rather than stealing. Beneath these candies, there's a photograph of the Simpson family. Upon seeing their faces, Mr. Burns and Smithers recognize all the Simpsons except for Homer, whose face was covered by a candy neither Burns or Smithers wanted to eat. Mr. Burns sends a thank you card to Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

When the school was about to extract the oil, they realize that somebody else is already pumping it. The oil is being pumped by Burns Slant-Drilling Company. The splashed oil injures Bart and Santa's Little Helper, while the fumes force's Moe's tavern to shut it's doors, much to the displeasure of Moe and Barney, and the drilling damages the Springfield Retirement castle, forcing Abe Simpson to live with his family. At school, Principal Skinner announces there's no legal way to fight Burns as the oil belongs to the first one to extract it and that not only they're no longer able to afford the stuff they would spend the oil money on but, in order to pay for the assembling, operation and disassembling of their oil derrick the school will have to cut music class, much to the displeasure of Mr. Largo and Tito Puente, and fire Groundskeeper Willie, who swore to kill Mr. Burns and wound Smithers.

At the Simpson home, Lisa asks Homer how he can work for such a cruel man. Homer shows Mr. Burns' thank you card to show that his boss is not that bad but when Lisa points out that the card doesn't have his name on, Homer asks the children to leave as he doesn't want them to hear what he's gonna say.

After Smithers sarcastically comments about how happy Mr. Burns must be, Burns replies that there's one enemy left: the Sun. For years, as Burns claims, the man has dreamed about destroying the Sun but he'll do the next best thing: blocking it. When Smithers asks Mr. Burns to stop, Burns instead fires him.

While unpacking for Grandpa, Bart finds Grandpa's gun, which Marge takes away. Grandpa wonders how can they have a house and no guns and what will they do if a bear appears.

At night Homer breaks in the power plant still enraged at Mr. Burns. When Burns enters his office, he sees Homer spray-painting 'I am Homer Simpson' but still can't get his name.

In a town meeting, Mayor Quimby claims that he has a polite letter to Burns and that he hopes that some of Burns' subordinates will read it to him or at least pass him the idea. When Burns walks in, Bart tries to attack him but Burns shows his gun, which he now carries on after a "mysterious" intruder attacked him. Burns claims that nobody has the needed courage to take drastic measures against him. Burns then blocks the Sun.

After he leaves the meeting, Mr. Burns is heard meeting somebody who eventually shoots him. Burns collapses at the Sundial. At first, Chief Wiggum believes it's somebody wearing a mask but then realizes it's really Burns. Marge comments that everyone is a suspect. Dr. Hibbert's says that he couldn't solve the mystery and then asks "Could you?" At first it seemed he was pointing at the viewer but a zoom reveals that he was pointing at Chief Wiggum, who said he'd try since it's his job.