The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 25

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 1995 on FOX

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  • The sixth season ends with Springfield Elementary striking oil. However Mr. Burns soon plans to steal the newly discovered riches.

    Part one of "Who Shot Mr. Burns" is quite good. As I have said many times about previous episodes of this series the dialogue is sharp and there are a lot of laughs. The final scene of everybody at the Town Hall was very well done. Mr. Burns' sun blocking device was just the icing on the cake. Just when you thought he could not be even more evil. However the one criticism I have of this was it was obvious who pulled the trigger almost immediately. An issue of "Entertainment Weekly" magazine did a very good job of pointing out the subtle clues that indicated who committed the shooting. However that aside this is still a very good episode well worth seeing.
  • "Who Shot Mr. Burns" was a big deal for SIMPSONS viewers. Not only was it a cliffhanger (the only one in the show's history) it was genuinely funny with an epic plot involving Burns and his plan to blot out the sun.

    You knew I was going to include this, didn't you?

    As a entertainment-obsessed youth, there were few things more important than THE SIMPSONS. When we kids heard that Mr. Burns was going to be shot we all became detectives. Who could do it? Homer, finally seeking revenge for a crappy job? Smithers, sick of being pushed around by an ungrateful boss? Maybe it's Bart or Lisa, striking down Burns to save their beloved Springfield.

    I guess none of us realized that this was THE SIMPSONS and that it was going to be a funny, inconsequential pay-off. Regardless, "Who Shot Mr. Burns" was a big deal for SIMPSONS viewers. Not only was it a cliffhanger (the only one in the show's history) it was genuinely funny with an epic plot involving Burns and his plan to blot out the sun. I remember watching a VHS with the episode taped on it during the summer hiatus. Over and over and over again I watched, hoping to discover new clues. Yeah, I was kind of an idiot.

    Admit it, you had your own theories too.
  • The school becomes rich when oil is found underneath it, until Mr. Burns taps the oil deposit, then blocking out all sun to Springfield, in the process earning him the hatred of the town. At least until he gets shot in the end, creating a cliffhanger.

    Great episode, does a great job showcasing Burns' character traits. Very funny, like in the scenes where he tries to pass himself as Jimbo or when he steps on a replica of the power plant while destroying a model of the town in his office. Though to ruin the episode, it was Maggie who shot Burns, but this is still a great episode.
  • Loved this episode!!!

    I loved this episode! The first (and so far) only time that I have seen it was in History class. This episode was pretty funny and it made you think, especially at the end because pretty much everyone was capable of doing it. They all had a reason to do it so it was hard to decide who really shot Mr. Burns. I liked this episode because instead of the town being divided between each other, it was the town against Burns. I also liked that they made it almost impossible to figure out exactly who did it and they left you hanging till the next season.

    Overall, this episode is definately a classic. 10/10!
  • Really good episode with a nice drama effect

    I don't usually watch the Simpsons often, but I watched this one for the fact that it's one of the show's highest rated episodes, and I can see why. In this episode, Mr.Burns steals oil from the town school, and then plans to block out the sun, and after doing so, he is shot by unknown assialant. I liked how pretty much everyone was a suspect like Homer (For not knowing his name) Smithers (Not agreeing with his actions, and firing him) or Principal Skinner (Stealing the school's oil). I liked the cliffhanger at the end and the joke about breaking the fourth wall at the end. Overall, this is an episode that shows exactly why the Simpsons is such a classic show. 9.5/10 A+
  • Who Shot Mr. Burns? Read my review for part two to find out!

    Ah one of the classics of the series, really funny, dramatic plot, great character devolpment and in my top ten. Allright I'll get right down to it, this episode was different to all other Simpsons episodes, it was drama, it was suspense and at the same time it was funny. The Smithers-Burns characters really get explored into. And setting up all the different suspects, like Grandpa, Bart, Homer, etc., was great because they all had their different reasons to do it. I don't think that later staffs could've pulled this episode off as good as it was and no other show, then, now, or before could have done a better episode than this.

    To be continued...
  • I couldn't solve this mystery...

    Wow, an epic episode! I love cliffhangers, and mysteries, and that's what this is: a mystery cliffhanger! So I was stoked! This episode had some of the funniest gags ever. It starts with Willie burying the 4th grade class hamster, Super Dude. Turns out he strikes gold. Burns hears of this and wants gold. He gets it, making people mad.

    Throughout the episode he makes a lot of people mad, and so now, he plans a big thing: block out the sun. He does this successfully. Then at the end someone shoots him. But who is the culprit?

    A very funny episode and a great mystery!
  • this was a good ep

    this was a good way to end the simpsons season 6 with a huge cliff hanger. and this ep was about mr burns and how he was controlling the oil that the school found and he takes the oil off of the school and bart is mad beasuse his dog got a broken leg. and moe is mad becuase his bar is closed and people are mad in town beacuse they cant drink. and people are mad becuase things are getting cut like lisa favorite jazz musian telpenta. and burns is tring to take over and so the town has a huge town meeting and people are out raged even smithers . and so at night mr burns goes and walks but is suddenly shot and collpaes on the sun dial. this was a good ep
  • Who shot Mr. Burns.. Only time will tell

    In the first part of this groundbreaking suspense story, Mr. Burns develops a sun-blocking machine that prevents any sunlight from reaching Springfield. With the town immersed in darkness, Mr. Burns' Power Plant can make even more money. In addition to blocking the sun, Burns has also deprived the school of its funds, broken Santa's Little Helper's leg, and alienated nearly all of his fellow townspeople. When he winds up shot, everyone, including the members of the Simpson family, is a suspect. All will be revealed in the second part, but only after a cliff hanger so steep, an entire nation will be hanging on the edge of its seats. Guest Star: Tito Puente as himself.
  • A must watch episode filled With mystery and adventure!!!

    Holy Two Parter Batman! This is one of my favorite episodes ever! I loved looking for the clues and trying to solve the mystery! The best part about this episode is that it doesnt just start as a mystery episode, it starts of as just another day in springfield and slowly enters a murder mystery with a cliff hanging, not quite concluding conclusion! Now i will not say who really did shoot mister burns bcause i am sure someone out there hasnt seen it but here is a clue= "Mr. Burns was becoming so evil he would even steal candy from a baby!" - said waylon smithers
  • This is Part 1 of a two-part episode of "The Simpsons". Plenty of comedy and suspense.

    This is the Part 1 of the Simpsons episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?". It is the first and (hopefully not) only two-part episode in the show. In the opening, Springfield Elementary strikes oil and becomes the richest school in the state. When Mr. Burns overhears what has happened, he tries to steal the oil from the school. When he does, not only does he anger everybody at the school, but also everyone else in Springfield from the results of what he did. In case you're wondering, the characters that wanted revenge against Mr. Burns were: Waylon Smithers, Groundskeeper Willie, Grampa Simpson, Moe Syzlack, Barney Gumble, Lisa Simpson, Principal Skinner, Tito Puente, Homer Simpson, and Bart Simpson. At the end, Mr. Burns gets shot at, and the episode ends with a "To Be Continued...". It is one of the best episodes of the season, and I recommend watching it.
  • The first (and probably only two-parter) In the series.

    After Principal Skinner finds oil on school property, he mines it out, and he will spend it on the school. Mr. Burns, being the evil old man he is, taps the oil deposit, before the school's oil rig crew could get it, this causes Burns to build a slanted rig nex to Moe's, which forces it to close down, the Retirement home to sink, for the school to lose the money, and the oil, and after oil was squirted out, caused an accident involving Bart, and Santa's Little Helper. Outraged, Springfield hates Mr.Burns for all his evil. He blocks out the sun, so Nuclear Power will keep the lights on 24/7. Someone decided they had enough, and shot Mr.Burns. Who did it? We already know.
  • Grat Episode!

    I think this episode is a well written episode and it is also mysterious I find. I know that in the end it shows that Maggie shot Mr Burns. It is especially funny when Mr Burns can't remmember Homer's name. Anyways I think this episode was a great episode. Keep up the great work Matt Groaning. This also takes place in Who Shot Mr Burns 2.
  • A well developed storyline with a strange twist

    This episode has definitely made history with me and many others. It has a good, serious plot mixed in with classic Simpsons humour, making this an instant classic already! Mr. Burns probably deserved to be shot for all the things he did, even though I think he's a superb character who gives me at least one laugh in every episode he appears in. It had everyone guessing who did it? Homer? Smithers? But surprisingly it wasn't either of them. Overall, this was a well-thought out episode which is one which has put this show down in history!

  • Mr. Burns gets what's coming to him.

    This episode is the best season 6 has to offer. It piles on the jokes and the tension as the citizens of Springfield hate Mr. Burns more and more. Some of the best jokes include Homer going in a rage because Mr. Burns can't remember his name and Principal Skinner approving to spend the budget on a bunch of pointless things. At the end, the tension builds as the day grows dark and there is an unusual amount of silence, then the old man gets shot. Everyone is a suspect in this crime, but we won't know the culprit until season 7. This episode will survive the ravages of time, no matter how many seasons there are. It will always be known as the high point in the series.
  • The best episode of the Simpsons!

    This episode is really cool, is one of the coolest episodes ever! Homer is tired of Mr. Burns not recgonizing his hard work so he tries everything he can to make him notice, Mr. Burns tries to buy the petroleum that comes from Springfiel Primary School, but Skinner denies it, later Mr. Burns begins to steal it, which causes for all the places nearby to close, and later Bart and Santa's Little Helper, later Mr. Burns fires Smithers and later begins to put a machine that blocks up the sun, which causes everyone to get mad at Mr. Burns later on, and then he gets shot, and the question is throughout all Sprinfield... who shot Mr. Burns?? Really cool episode!
  • A cartoon that made history for me, and probably many other viewers.

    When I was growing up, "The Simpsons" was like no other show on TV. It was funny and relevent with famous guest stars. It was a show that for the most part, was grounded in a reality that could've occured anywhere on Earth. But when this episode came along, I was hit by a proverbial sledgehammer that changed my view of this TV series forever: Mr. Burns had been shot! It was my version of the shot heard around the world! I had never seen anybody (let alone a cartoon character) get shot at with a gun and have the gun shot hole and blood be shown on TV! I knew Mr. Burns was the biggest jerk in "The Simpsons," but I never thought cartoon characters could get shot at or possibly be killed! For many reasons, this episode changed my preconceived notions that all cartoons were created equally, this cartoon proved they weren't! For this Matt Groening, I salute you for showing me that for animated cartoons, truly anything is possible! :D
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    "What, you say you don't like this episode? SCREW YOU!" How can you not like this episode?!?!?!?!?! It is a Simpsons classic. The best cliffhanger in TV history, the only continued Simpsons episode ever, there are too many great things about this episode too say all of them. In this episode Willie strikes oil and the school is rich. But then, pardon my french, all hell breaks loose. Mr. Burns taps the oil well and plans to block out the Sun so everyone has to use nuclear energy. So then everyone hates Mr. Burns (that hasn't realy changed, but now he is looked at like a comic book villian) (as quoted by Smithers in the second part). SO in the end, after an off-screen struggle, Mr. Burns is shot and he stumbles over the sun dial, dying. Then it's up to Wiggum, who may actually solve a mystery (The only time he does except for the one where Bart pretends to be kidnapped (I think)), to figure out who shot Mr. Burns. Then............

    To Be Continued...
    (This review will be continued soon. Just give me time to write it for God's sake!)
  • This Is Just The Perfect Episode definatly in the top three all time just perfect

    Well That Evil Evil but gotta like him anyway this episode finds oil bankrupts the school & Moes Tavern then decides to try to block out the sun to get more people to use Nuclear Energy then pow as he stumbles around only finding "slacked jawed yokels" he gave up and colapsed on what else the sun dial
  • Excellent Cliffhanger!

    It was a fantastic end to a "To be continued" episode. The second part was almost at the same standard.

    Mr Burns finally goes to far. By stealing the newly found oil from Sprinfield elementary he gives everybody one reason or another to kill him.

    After he blocks out the sun he gets shot and everyone in town is a suspect. I never really expected to be impressed with the final result and I'm sure many people who didn't like Part 2 would have been dissapointed no matter who the person who shot Mr Burns was.

    A fantastic Cliffhanger.
  • A classic

    Who shot Mr. Burns? Is my very favorite episode in the series. It is suspenseful. I mean c'mon it's a two - part episode special that shows Mr. Burns beins shot. This also makes u your noodle. All in all this is the very, very, very, best good ass episode.
  • The townspeople plot revenge against Mr. Burns when he taps the school's oil well, forces Moe to close down his bar, can't remember Homer's name, injures Santa's Little Helper, destroys Grampa's home and fires Mr. Smithers. At the end, somebody shoots the

    Finally, someone actually has the nerve to shoot Mr. Burns. A true mystery and a tribute to all those crime/thriller movies out there, e.g. Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But the point is that this is an exciting episode. I have watched it many times on the Season 6 DVD and I know nearly all the words to it. It's great.
  • The 1st is SO funny and has a great cliffhangar!

    I loved it. Everyone hating Mr. Burns is an obvious plot because they do, but still, funny! I enjoyed the plot, of Mr. Burns making the world a terrible place, it could really happen. The greatest cliffhangar episode, I absolutely loved it. Even though it as a shocking ending, with Mr, Burns falling dead on a sundial, it's a cool idea. Think about it. The name fo the episode is the ending. Very good episode idea and I loved the 2nd one too, but not as much as this. I'll give you a clue to who shot Mr. Burns. It's a girl and never speaks. Lol, I'm good. Anyway, I great and enjoyable fun episode with a shocking but cool ending, Part One fo Who Shot Mr. Burns is awesome!
  • One of my favourites

    So someone finally offed mr burns. well, tried to anyway. this episode was extremely well written with a lot of jokes and many clues which all point to different suspects, more alibis piling up throughot the episode. was it homer (burns couldn't remember his name)? was it bart (burns caused his dog to break his legs)? was it skinner (the school went broke because of burns)? was it willie (he got fired)? smithers (didn't agree with what burns was doing)? was it santa's little helper or maggie (they were both at the scene of the crime)? was it everybody else (burns blocked out the sun)? this cliffhanger was great especially the zoom out when hibbert points at the screen and says:
    "i don't think we'll ever be able to solve this case. can you?"
    the camera zooms out and shows wiggum. "well, yeah, i'll give it a shot. it's my job, right?" burns finally got what he deserved but the town of springfield has no idea who to thank