The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 25

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 1995 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • (At Moe's)
      Barney: These fumes aren't as fun as beer. Sure, I'm all dizzy and nauseous, but where's the inflated sense of self-esteem?
      (A man at the end of the bar slumps to the floor.)
      Moe: Hey, if you guys are getting loaded off them fumes I'm gonna have to charge you.
      (Two scientists walk into Moe's Tavern wearing gas-masks.)
      Male Scientist: Man alive! There are, uh, men alive in here.
      Female Scientist: (Holding a beeping detector) I'm detecting over twenty different toxins in the air.
      (Barney belches and the detector beeps faster.)
      Male Scientist: All right, everybody out! As long as Burns is pumping oil, this bar is closed!
      Moe: Damned Burns. Let me just get one thing. (Pulls shotgun from behind the bar.)
      Barney: Me too! (Pulls gun from his side.) Ah, now there's the inflated sense of self-esteem!