The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 11

Worst Episode Ever

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Restaurants seen at the Springfield Squidport include: "Have it Uruguay", "What They Eat in Iceland", "The Karachi Hibachi", "A Taste of Serbia", "Mussolini and Frank's"(A parody of the famous Hollywood Haunt "Musso and Frank's"), and "The London Broil".

    • Did you notice?: Lisa and Marge read from a newspaper called THE DAILY SET-UP to set up the plotline.

    • When Tom Savini "explodes" at the comic book store, Bart's original line was "That should be us covered in guts". This line has been redubbed to "That should be us covered in blood".

    • Syndication cuts the end of the flashback of Homer being banned from Gallagher's comedy shows where the teenaged Homer cries on the sidewalk after being kicked out and the picture fades back to the real Homer still crying. The scene now cuts from Gallagher kicking out Homer to Lisa reading about Tom Savini appearing at the comic book store.

    • Comic Book Guy lets Nelson into his shop to see Tom Savini, but earlier Nelson's picture was on the "Banned for Life" wall.

    • At first, the comic book store had copies of the Biclops comics all over the store. Later, instead of the comics, there is a giant crate of comics in the center of the store.

    • When the family's in the kitchen, the stove is in a different place that it is during most of the series.

    • The first time Bart and Milhouse see the videotape room all the walls are full of videotapes; however, when the cops raid it one of the walls has been filled with posters.

    • When the Comic Book Guy wipes the fake blood off of his mouth with his shirt, the shirt miraculously doesn't get stained.

  • Quotes

    • Agnes: Sunsets! Thank God there's only one of these a day.
      Comic Book Guy: Could it BE more orange?

    • Agnes: Out of the way, Tubby.
      Comic Book Guy: Oh pardon me, Oldie Hawn.
      Agnes: Uh. Why you ill-mannered sack of crap!
      Comic Book Guy: Oh goodie. Now I know whatever happened to Baby Jane.
      Agnes: You are the rudest man who ever…bought me dinner!
      Comic Book Guy: Correction. I do not believe I ever bought you…oh!

    • Comic Book Guy: Oh please. If I wanted to hear mindless droning I'd befriend an air conditioner.
      Moe: Oh now he's ragging on air conditioners.
      Carl: Hey they keep us cool in the summer, pal.
      Lenny: Get 'im!

    • Moe: Uh, let me buy you a drink.
      Comic Book Guy: Very well. I will have a shot of Cranberry Schnapps.
      Moe: (referring to the bottles on the wall) Ha, ha...uh, these are…they're just painted on there. Your choices are beer and egg soakings.
      Comic Book Guy: I'll pass! Beer is the nectar of the nimwit.
      Carl: Hey, are you knocking beer?
      Lenny: Nobody bad mouth's Duff! (he smashes a bottle, but it shatters in his hand) Aw, piece of crap!

    • Homer: (to Comic Book Guy) Now, when you've got a bum ticker like we do, you need all the friends you can get. And Moe's is the friendliest place in the rum district.
      (they enter the bar and Moe has a gun pointed at somebody's head)
      Moe: Get out and take your Sacagawea dollars with you. I'll give ya till the count of three…One…(gun shot)

    • Dr. Hibbert: Young man, you've had what we call a cardiac episode!
      Comic Book Guy: Worst episode ever.

    • Milhouse: Can I see the fifty Bart, can I? Huh?
      Bart: Milhouse my friend, you and I are going on a spending spree.
      Milhouse: My doctor says I'm not supposed to go on sprees.
      Bart: What about jags?
      Milhouse: Jags are fine.
      Bart: Wonderful.

    • Homer: Hello, I'm Shaquille O'Neal. Let us in, please.
      (Comic Book Guy yanks off the long coat to reveal Bart and Milhouse.)
      Comic Book Guy: You two are not welcome!
      (Homer gets off their shoulders.)
      Homer: I'm sorry, son.
      Comic Book Guy: (giving Homer a some cash) Thanks for the tip-off.
      Homer: No problem.

    • Bart: I must warn you that once this next tape starts, it will not stop. Because that button is broken.

    • Chief Wiggum: Well, well, well. This place's got more pirated tapes than a--
      Lou: A Chinese K-Mart?
      Wiggum: Well, that'll have to do. Uh, these yours, son?
      Milhouse: No, sir. We're just exhibiting them for profit without permission.
      Chief Wiggum: Fair enough.

    • Milhouse: Okay, here's Comic Book Guy's instructions. A carton of malted milk balls, one box confectioner's sugar, a can of chocolate frosting...
      Bart: That's just his shopping list.
      Milhouse: No, it's his instructions.

    • (Lisa finds old baking soda in the fridge)
      Bart: Hey, Dad. Betcha five bucks you can't eat the whole box.
      Homer: Five? Why don't we make it fifty?
      (He slaps a $50 bill on the table)
      Homer: Ooh, you're going to regret this.
      Lisa: I'll call poison control.
      (She dials the phone)
      Lisa: Fran, it's me. Just a heads-up.

    • (Comic Book Guy looks through sci-fi stuff in box.)
      Comic Book Guy: Star Wars alternate ending. Luke`s father is Chewbacca?

    • Ned: My neighbor Homer released a radio-active ape in my house. It's taken over the whole top floor.
      Bart: It wasn't dad's fault, the ape tricked him.

  • Notes

    • Matt Groening's picture is in the gallery of people banned from the comic store.

    • When Comic Book Guy says 'If you spill something on this it will bounce off and land on lesser comics' the 'lesser comic' it lands on is a Bongo comic which is the company that prints the 'Simpsons Comics' and Matt G.'s comic strip 'Life in Hell.'

    • Blackboard Joke: I will not hide the teacher's medication.
      Couch Gag: A valet pulls up and gets off the couch. The family gets on and doesn't tip the valet.

    • In 2001, Hank Azaria won an Emmy for 'Outstanding Voice-Over Performance' for this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Batman

      The "Death of Sad Sack" cover that Nelson looks at is similar to the cover of the Batman comic "Death in the Family," where Batman is cradling a dead Robin.

    • Burger King:
      The "Have It Uruguay" restaurant mimics Burger King's "Have it your way" slogan.