The Sinbad Show

FOX (ended 1994)


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  • Funny

    90's Classic!
  • I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYBODY SAYS! This show is greatness!

    This show is funny! Sorry I couldn't use a better word. Now I have no idea why this would get a 6.5. It's funny, it has great storylines (most of the time), and the characters are awesome (and zana is so cute! But don't think I'm a girl, cause I'm a boy). The first episode wasn't that good but the other's are good. This is show is so under appreciated that the descriptions of the episodes on are either only a sentence long or have nothing written about them.

    This show also only had 26 episodes like trigun (a extremely funny and fast-paced anime, I'll do a review on it next).

    Storylines: Impressive-8.7
    Characters: All of them are great-9
  • Woo hoo, first review!

    Sinbad's a really funny guy, and this show proved to be perfect for himI really liked this show. Sinbad is one of the most naturally funny comedians around today. He adopts a brother and sister and raises them as a single father. The love and care he gives them is always weighted by humor. OF course this wasn't laugh out loud comedy, more light - family comedy. But by far not the worst show of it's kind.