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Vocal-only groups get a chance to compete for a recording contract from Sony Music in this NBC take-off on American Idol.

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  • Home Free

    I heard their rendition of Ring of Fire which, after following some trails, I discovered The Sing Off program. Is it still happening or has it been cancelled?
  • Fuuuuun

    I was drawn to this show because I love accapella... it's real, natural talent. This show has all of it and with different ages and styles and backgrounds of passionate performers make it great to watch over and over again!
  • I agree that the sing-off in the best show casing raw talent

    I agree that the sing-off in the best show casing raw talent, Plus has the best group of judges they don't tear into the groups and make them feel terrible, the give them direction not belittle them

    love the show, love that talent, love the judges and Nick

  • Snooze-Off

    A Capella singing ranges the gamut of sounds and styles, from the lush vocal harmonies of Honey in the Rock to the eccentric style of The Bobs, but you wouldn't know it from this show, which grabs 8 of the most conventional A Capella groups it can find and sticks them up on stage to do battle. A couple of the songs were interesting, most notably a cover of Queen's Somebody to Love, but even the best groups were more notable for the choreographed showmanship than for doing anything especially interesting with the music.

    It didn't help that the sound was off. Consistently throughout the show microphone's would shift in volume, seriously undercutting the bands. It's a fairly shocking failure in a show devoted to lots of people singing; perhaps wireless mikes just don't work as well when 20 people use them at once? Whatever the reason, it made the show feel rather messy.

    I only watched the first episode, and even then I wound up skipping past the boring band bios and the judges comments (what do I care what judges have to say about dull songs?) I have no intention of watching any more of this. FAIL.moreless
  • Best Reality Based Singing Competition Out There. The Sing Off puts other shows to shame by focusing on one thing that the others don't: The Singing. No Auto-tune, no back up singers, no instruments.moreless

    Just the human voice. The judges are well informed and masters of their craft who give in depth critiques of each groups performance that go way beyond "You we're a little pitchy." The performers are insanely talented mainly because they have to be. This is due to the fact that they have to work without a safety net.
  • FANS: 1, SPOILERS: 0

    News Briefs: The Walking Dead Will Air Worldwide Within 24 Hours of Its U.S. Premiere

    Plus: Lauren Ambrose is returning to TV, NBC is rebooting Remington Steele, and someone paid a butt ton of money for a piece of Breaking Bad history.


    News Briefs: Big Brother Is Switching Nights

    Plus: Fox is previewing its stoner 'toons, Under the Dome stays strong (in the ratings), and Jewel has a job again.

    • worst judges in reality history
      i listen to the "ok" singing, but these judges are THE WORST!!!!!! what the hell does ben folds even say??? other than music affic...
    • sexual comment innnappropriate!
      I would just like to comment on the last 2 episodes of the sing off show. The young gospel group of men I think were caught by sur...
    • Judges
      Are you kidding me? You sent the North Shore home? They were terrific and because you thought they needed to show more emotion thi...
    • entry
      hey im posting this mainly so i an see if directors read the forums for 1 and to see how u enter to be on the show cuz i was think...

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