The Sing-Off

NBC (ended 2014)


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  • Snooze-Off

    A Capella singing ranges the gamut of sounds and styles, from the lush vocal harmonies of Honey in the Rock to the eccentric style of The Bobs, but you wouldn't know it from this show, which grabs 8 of the most conventional A Capella groups it can find and sticks them up on stage to do battle. A couple of the songs were interesting, most notably a cover of Queen's Somebody to Love, but even the best groups were more notable for the choreographed showmanship than for doing anything especially interesting with the music.

    It didn't help that the sound was off. Consistently throughout the show microphone's would shift in volume, seriously undercutting the bands. It's a fairly shocking failure in a show devoted to lots of people singing; perhaps wireless mikes just don't work as well when 20 people use them at once? Whatever the reason, it made the show feel rather messy.

    I only watched the first episode, and even then I wound up skipping past the boring band bios and the judges comments (what do I care what judges have to say about dull songs?) I have no intention of watching any more of this. FAIL.