The Singing Bee

Tuesday 9:30 PM on CMT - Country Music Television Premiered Jul 10, 2007 In Season


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The Singing Bee

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Contestants vie to see who really knows all the lyrics to those popular songs that are constantly stuck in our heads. The house band starts the song and would then stop at a certain point in order for a contestant to sing the rest of the song verse. Miss a word and you're out; nail the song and you win big! The show ended on NBC, but in the Summer of 2009, was picked up on CMT (a sister network of NBC). The new CMT version blends a mix of 60 percent country music with 40 percent popular favorites from other genres.


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    • This show is a great summer series to pass the time before the new fall season starts back up.

      I had my doubts if I would like the show when I first saw the previews, but I tuned in and it was actually really good. Its amazing how people simply add extra words here and there like well, but, hey, etc. Its fast paced and the challenges are different from one episode to the next. Joey Fatone makes a great host. Some of the songs that they choose for the contestants to sing really have to make you go back and think about the words and they leave you second guessing yourself. It's the best new summer series around.moreless
    • The dancers on the show are cheesy..they stink. There is no life to the show. It seems way to fake and the host seems to struggle to have any sort of chemistry with the camera. I only watched it the once and don't know if I will again.moreless

      I think the dancers need to be re evaluated and the host needs to have more chemistry with the camera. The blonde dancer on the show I watched was really a "BAD" distraction. Her bad dancing caught my attention more than the rest of the show. I dont think there even needs to be dancers. This is a show about songs, not dancers. The host could not get into his groove. He seemed to be struggeling to get throught the show. IT was almost like he did not want to be there and was just trying to get it over with. The concept of the show is great, but the old stars coming back on its not cool. It is almost degrading to them. I think that with a bit of rework, the show will excell.moreless
    • I like the host but its kind of a hard show.

      I mean they give you all kinds of lyrics from all sorts of years. The band and the singers they start off with are really talented. Most of the people on this show can not sing. Some can stay in tune but after a while they get annoying. But the show is just to know the lyrics to the song and not being able to sing. A lot of people are saying that this show is a rip off of "Don't Forget the Lyrics". Which is so NOT true. If you look at the date of the premiere of the shows this one is before it. I do like Don't Forget the Lyrics better but they had the idea first, i think.moreless
    • So I dont always remember to watch, but it's good. And yeah DTFL copied, since this aired 1 day before don't forget the lyrics

      I find this show somewhat interesting. I also find it annoying that in the beginning, they let people go up even when they're only screaming and not singing any lyrics. I am interested in this latest lennon mccartney cuz i love beatles. Joey is a funny host for this show and I remember the premiere when the guy got the n sync song wrong and he said, "Let me tell you what it was, 'cause I happen to know." I will watch occasionaly, but I find some other shows more interesting. As I said though, Joey is a good host of the show.moreless
    • Joey Fatone has something promising, but needs some polish and refinement.

      The Singing Bee is a variation of the National Spelling Bee that we did as kids in elementary school. Only this time (of course, hehe) contestants are singing the answers rather than spell them. It sounds like a pretty good show, Joey Fatone's got a stage presence as the host, and everyone's having a great time.

      Now onto the reason I can't give it a 10. First off, the show has to compete with FOX's "Don't Forget the Lyrics." Inevitably, the two shows are compared against each other. The rules are pretty interesting: Joey picks out 6 contestants from the crowd for each half hour of the hour the show runs for. However, the contest is won almost purely by luck. Only the first three contestants picked from the crowd will almost be guaranteed a spot in the second round. That means the last three contestants are out of luck. Maybe it's due to time constraints for the show, but it's a pretty big weakness in the show. Secondly, the band (while they sound great and the ladies look positively brilliant) looks like the second cousins to American Idol's Ricky Minor and The Band. No offense to The Singing Bee's band, of course. Hehe. Thirdly, the cash prize is smaller than the show's rival, "Don't Forget the Lyrics."

      The good news is that they do give a Singing Bee trophy to the night's Singing Bee champion. Only problem is that the six-contestant picks always thin out 1 from each group of six. It would seem more logical to simply pick out 12 contestants from the crowd and thin the crowd after one runthrough. Another positive is that there isn't as much drama created like in "Don't Forget the Lyrics." It doesn't take long to be the Singing Bee champion. More importantly, other audience participants get a chance to win quick cash by getting their music histories right. Bottom line: There are positives going on for this show. Since this is the show's first year, I say there's enough going for this show to continue for another season or two.moreless
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