The Singing Bee

Tuesday 9:30 PM on CMT - Country Music Television Premiered Jul 10, 2007 In Season


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  • The dancers on the show are cheesy..they stink. There is no life to the show. It seems way to fake and the host seems to struggle to have any sort of chemistry with the camera. I only watched it the once and don't know if I will again.

    I think the dancers need to be re evaluated and the host needs to have more chemistry with the camera. The blonde dancer on the show I watched was really a "BAD" distraction. Her bad dancing caught my attention more than the rest of the show. I dont think there even needs to be dancers. This is a show about songs, not dancers. The host could not get into his groove. He seemed to be struggeling to get throught the show. IT was almost like he did not want to be there and was just trying to get it over with. The concept of the show is great, but the old stars coming back on its not cool. It is almost degrading to them. I think that with a bit of rework, the show will excell.