The Singing Detective

BBC (ended 1986)





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  • A chain smoking writer who's main protagonist is a hard drinking, woman loathing detective is hospitalized due to his crippling skin condition. Throughout his stay he is, layer by layer, confronted by the demons he's been evading since childhood.

    I cannot praise this mini series enough, it's without a doubt my favorite series of all time. The writing has multiple layers (much like Mr Marlowes skin) and is perfectly executed in perhaps BBC's finest production to date. Gambon's portrayal of a man tortured by the denial of his past is painfully honest, but there are fine actors all around. I don't want to give to much away and ruin the pleasure for you, so I'll have to wrap it up.

    Rarely have I been able to say that a tv series changed me and my perception on life, but this one did. The perfect antidote to mind-melting popcorn movies.
  • Only 6.2?!

    WHAT THE HELL?! Why is this only 6.2?! This is widely considered to be one of the greatest mini-series ever, is rated 9.2 on the Internet Movie Database (Which if it was a movie it'd be #1 on the Top 250) and yet it's only 6.2 here? What in all that is holy is wrong with you people?! This show is GENIUS, MAN. GENIUS. This is quite possibly the most well-written mini-series ever. Everything intertwines. Michael Gambon's character has quite possibly the most depth of all characters that have ever been on TV. You know I'm right. This series rules.