The Singles Table

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Unknown on NBC

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  • An episode that encapsulates the great potential of this show.

    The Singles Table brings us a cast of 5 singles, all of whom are single because of oddities in their personalities, but oddities that are not uncommon in real life and in real people. These 5 individuals meet at a wedding, and while amusingly wallowing in their own misery become friends. Each has a reason for their singleness (or singlehood).

    Ivan, a divorcee and a computer programmer of some sort, is disgruntled about meeting his ex-wife at a wedding and at her insolent guts of getting over their relationship already, decides to drink himself to bliss. Stephanie a compulsive, slightly psychotic chain-dater, searches for a suitor. Stephanie, a busy hospital employee, hasn't had much time to acquaint herself with normal men who aren't doctors. Eli is the insecure, and apparently friendless manager of a business, not surprisingly hasn't managed to manipulate women into sleeping with him, or at least accompanying him to weddings. Finally, Adam, a Rabbi, feels his lacking luck with women resulted from the moral superiority that people see emenating from him.

    The pilot episode mainly concentrates on giving us a glimpse of the 5 characters, and the similarities that make them compatible as friends - namely, their single status. It\'s evident that the stories of all five could be developed and expanded and made more detailed. It\'s even possible that they were interlink, although with an uneven number of men and women it\'s unlikely that they would (Unless...never mind).

    Surprisingly, the makers of the show, managed to incorporate a lot of chracter building in a VERY condensed time frame, illustrating just enough of every character to interest us while at the same time nudging our curiousity as to what else there is to the characters.

    It\'s a show I\'ll be looking forward to.