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  • Definitely "The best political team on television".

    Living in Spain, you don't get a lot of english language channels over satellite - actually, you have to settle for CNBC and CNN. During the past year and a half, with the primaries going on, followed by the party conventions and the election itself, I had to decide whether to watch it on german or spanish television or on CNN. That choice turned out to be very easy once I saw "The Situation Room". Compared to the german politics show on networks like ARD and ZDF, it's quite relaxing to listen to Wolf Blitzer and his team interviewing politicians. Of course, a difference of opinion might occur between the Republican members of the team and the outspoken Democrats - on german TV, things like that almost always escalate and turn into full-blown verbal fights.

    The only downside about "The Situation Room" are the huge commercial breaks - they become quite annoying in nights like November 4th when you're actually waiting for some specific kind of information to arrive.

    But, as far as I'm concerned, Wolf Blitzer does have "the best political team on television" and I was glad I could watch it on election night.
  • The Situation Room Reveiw.

    Wolf Blizer does a great job bring us the new from around the world it is a great News program that does not beat around the bush i gives us the stories and has people debate and a lot of other stuff the make it a great News show i relly like to watch this show for a few minutes a day the set of the show looks relly good and the storys are mostly imporant things that we need to now i give this show a rating of 10 for its good reporting and Blizer doing a goood job.
  • Excellent news reporting though I tend to disagree with "best political minds" they often host on the show. Not as hard hitting as some other news shows.

    Wolf is good but often lack the tenacity it takes to pin a lying politician down. Sometimes it seems like he is afraid he won't get an invite to the next White House gala if he steps on teh wrong toes. On the other hand we have the Cafferty file that kind of brings some balance to the show with no nonsense commentary on current issues that everyday people have to deal with.
  • Very good show thanks to Blitzer

    This show is a very hard hitting and very informative
    It is definately one to try out I recommend to everybody
    Also it is in your face and no nonsense reporting
    Thanks to former White House Reporter Wolf Blitzer who does an awesome job anchoring the show
    Great supporting cast around him are the reporters that cover the news from the White House & Capital Hill
    To around the world!!
  • Hard hitting anchors hold together a great show.

    This show is about more than reporters reporting the news. This show has some great anchors that break down the news and tell you the facts everyone else leaves out. They investigate the news. Also in addition to everything great about this news cast they ask for comments from their viewers then air them.
  • the situation room is a cheap gimick

    I cant belive this CNN is scraping the bottom of the barrel first we have wolf blizer for an hour of late edition on the weekend then wolf blizer reports weekdays then expands the cheapness from 3-6 renaming the show situatuion room and makeing the walls all big screen tvs " That give us allt the information all at once" and to further get people angry they replace 360 with another hour of the situation room wow thats is really sad