The Six Million Dollar Man

Season 5 Episode 5

Bigfoot V

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 09, 1977 on ABC

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  • Steve Austin confronts a sometimes friend sometimes foe Bigfoot one more time

    This episode is a special one.As the title says,this is the fifth and the last episode where Steve faces Bigfoot.I dont really know why some people say this is a bad episode and watchers have to avoid it.I think first,this is a good episode not better than the others.Second,Its exciting to see it.Third,there is something peculiar about the plot:When Steve goes to the place where Bigfoot was before scaping to know what had happened to him,he finds the lab of the aliens who had abandoned the Earth but no mentioning of the aliens:Apploy,Shalon or Gillian;nothing about them.Steve just sees through a monitor and unknown alien who tells whoever on Earth Bigfoot will remain and get into a total normal natural form to adapt himself to the planet.Its so weird that Steve does not mention anything about their friends:the aliens.Fourth, after a brief confrontation with the android(a real match) who gets agressive,Steve helps his friend:Bigfoot from the ambicious hunters and takes him to the lab so that he does not die and can continue resting until reaching his total transformation .This is a good example of friendship forever. I love the end when Steve and Bigfoot "talks to each other" and Steve says goodbye to him. See you soon.
  • Steve versus Bigfoot Round 3

    A group of hunters in the mountains searching for Bigfoot inadverently draw him out. As we found out Bigfoot stayed behind instead of returning home with the aliens from the previous episodes. Steve comes to investigate and finds Bigfoot in turmoil, his good side against primal side as his bionic body tries to adapt physically to Earth. Steve tries to help the Bigfoot return to his cave to finish his changeover. Steve finds out that if he does not return him in 24 hours Bigfoot will die. That task in complicated more by the hunters who want to capture the creature and a lady scientist who decides to help Steve before Bigfoot dies.
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