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The Six Million Dollar Man

Season 5 Episode 22

Bionic Showdown

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 30, 1989 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Bionic Showdown
The World Unity Games will join competing nations Olympic-style games to celebrate the peace. Steve decides to ask Jaime to marry him, but he is interrupted when someone using bionic powers sabotages the security systems at OSI Headquarters and steals secret documents. Nearby is Katie, a crippled girl confined to a wheelchair since she was six years-old, soon to be turned into the new bionic woman, with a computer in her brain controlling her new technology bionics which are inplanted inside her own bones, vessels and tissues as she had none of her limbs amputated. Meeting with Goldman, both Steve and Jaime are told that a bionic person was involved in the theft. Since Michael (the new bionic man - Steve's son) is in Florida, this only leaves Jaime and Steve--and Katie, whose central computer could be activated secretely, as she already had her implants. Being suspects, Jaime and Steve are detained but break out to conduct their own investigation. Alan Devlin, who is the real bionic spy, plans to murder the president of the USSR.moreless

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Lee Majors

Lee Majors

Colonel Steve Austin

Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson

Oscar Goldman

Martin E. Brooks

Martin E. Brooks

Dr. Rudy Wells (Seasons 3-5)

Lee Majors II

Lee Majors II

Jim Castillian

Guest Star

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock


Guest Star

Jeff Yagher

Jeff Yagher

Jimmy Goldman

Guest Star

Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay Wagner

Jaime Sommers

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Oscar said that there are only four people who were made bionic, Steve, his son, Jaime, and Kate. But Barney Hiller--the Seven Million Dollar Man--was also bionic.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Steve: Well, I... I... I did have something I wanted to say to you. Uh... you know, Jaime, we've known each other for a long, long, long time, and we've been through a lot together.
      Jaime: Steve...
      Steve: Now... uh... Jaime, just... uh... let me finish... when... two people...
      Jaime: Why don't we get married?
      Steve: Now... uh... please hear me out, Jaime... (stunned) What?!
      Jaime: I said - would you like to get married?
      Steve: Well... I... uh...

      (Jaime nods her head; Steve follows suit.)

    • Jim: So... I hear you're gonna compete in the games.
      Kate: So... I hear you wanna be my trainer.
      Jim: Isn't life full of the most delightful little coincidences?
      Kate: So... you just wheeled on down here to ask me this?
      Jim: Well... beautiful night.
      Kate: It's gonna snow.
      Jim: Time on my hands?
      Kate: It's almost midnight.
      Jim: Tough crowd... Steve and Jaime brought me - they're... uh... they're around the corner... oh, c'mon, Kate... I'd worry about you. I wouldn't be able to sleep... and I... I thought that we could look for my uncle... together. How's that for stackin' the ol' deck?
      Kate: You are a rat!!

    • Kate: Hey, if I'm gonna start working for the O.S.I., I've gotta start sometime, right? But you... you'll be close, right?
      Jaime: Try and get rid of me. Just... please don't run, okay? Please...
      Kate: Okay, we'll jog.

    • (Kate and Jaime are racing; Kate beats Jaime to the bridge).
      Jaime: (panting from exertion) I'm not doing this again... anymore... why do they always ask me to work out the new bionic... people? My gosh! I always lose! I'm startin' to feel like an antique!

    • Jim: It's temporary paralysis, though - isn't it, Steve? I mean, I'm gonna walk again...
      Steve: You may walk again. And if you'll walk, you'll run--faster than any man has ever run before, including myself.
      Jim: Sorry, Steve. It's... uh... it's a bit much to take in all at once, you know... kinda comes over me in waves, you know... the pain of the realization... I worked so hard for these games... I don't think I can deal with this right now. I can't even think of a good punchline.

    • Jaime: Kate, you chose this. And they chose you. They chose you because of all the qualities that make you Kate.
      Kate: Well, what if the OSI's made a mistake?! What if I'm not the person that they think?! What if I'm not a Jaime Sommers?!
      Jaime: Hey! They don't want a clone of me, okay? They couldn't handle it. They've had too many problems with me over the years.

    • Castillian: Jim Castillian. That's with two "L"'s.
      Jim: James. Goldman. One "L".
      Castillian: Oh, you're Oscar's nephew. That's right - I heard you were in town. You're training for the games, right?
      Jim: Uh-huh. The 400 and the hurdles. Fastest thing on two legs - 'cept of course for Alice Grayson. I never did catch her in four years of college.

  • NOTES (1)