The Six Million Dollar Man

Season 1 Episode 7

Day of the Robot

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 08, 1974 on ABC

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  • Robot wars...

    Episode 4, and already a marker has been laid for why the show was never quite the same after Season One. Steve's pal Major Sloan (John Saxon) knows something that can procure muchos dollars for the oddly cheesey Dr.Dolenz, a man so weird that he can't even decide on a christian name... Jibes aside, Day Of The Robot beams with class, John Saxon fits nicely into the dual roles of a relentless machine leading up to one of the ultimate Bionic fight scenes, juxtaposing with his dazed human embodiment wandering wearily around the park with a bad case of amnesia. Dolenz would return twice, as irritating as an itch in an unreachable place, yet Henry Jones brought an endearing quality to the part, the "mad" scientist balanced with a gracious wit. Two thumbs firmly up for this one.