Bionicon 2.0

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    Hey have you guys heard about Bionicon 2.0 in Los Angeles, California this year. The dates are June 29th, 2007 - July 1st, 2007.

    Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, Jennifer Darling, BarBara Luna, Malachi Throne, Gary Lockwood, Lou Ferrigno, Marc Singer, & Kenneth Johnson are scheduled to be there. That's so impressive in comparison to last year's guest list. This is also going to be Lee Majors first ever convention appearance!

    I heard Kenny will be revealing the first act of the new V story for the first time ever at Bionicon 2. We can also expect more of his interesting commentary on a select Bionic episode.

    Lindsay Wagner was there last year and I heard she might be in talks to make a special appearance this year which would be so cool because that'd be like all the important people in the Bionic community.

    There are going to be some really cool events too, like banquets and cocktail parties and stuff. I'm wondering if there will be auctions like last year, can you imagine dinner WITH Lee Majors.

    Anyone going?
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    I went to last years con and it was a blast. Lindsay sat at our table and we had out picture taken with her, which is onthe bionicon 2.0 website under the dinner with the stars. It was so much fun.. I wanted to go this year but I couldn't get any flights out there at the time and now it would just be too impossible to attempt to find anything. A lot of us we so hoping that Lee would surprise Lindsay at the dinner. They brought her a cake out and she made the comment "Lee's not in there, is he?" Now that would have just been totally awesome to see.
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