I'll be a fan for life!!!

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    I wish my kids could have watched this show when they were growing up...this was great stuff back then and it would be with todays kids too. My personal favorites were the bigfoot episodes and the episodes that the bionic woman was in too. why they dont bring this stuff back instead of having the junk these kids watch today is beyond my Imagination. I would own every episode if I could! I can even remember pretend playing it with a girl in kindergarden she was obviosly a bionic woman fan...sure beats the way my kids want to play. and silly or not ..the silly is only because were now adults looking back in time. but when we were all young and sittin there on the floor in front of the tv and the beginning of the show came on ...mom played hell getting us away from the tv for any reason...hmmm...wich show would I rather my kids watch....six million dollar man....or southpark......geee, thats a tough one...

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