The Six Million Dollar Man

ABC (ended 1978)





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  • Better, faster, stronger... Than just about anything else on TV at that time.

    Great show! Lee Majors was Steve Austin. I hear they are thinking of casting Jim Carrey as a new Steve Austin. I can't imagine it. Majors brought so much weight to that role. The isolation of the hero played out in his solitude... The fear of being a freak. With his arm full of wires... That haunting theme that at full speed could inspire a generation of children to run in slow motion... and yet slowed right down could be so haunting... When you are a child he is just a hero... But watching it again... And you see that hero is so along and insecure.. Fascinating. Majors did such a good job. Can you imagine say Hasslehoff playing that role? Steve Austin was far more than just a 'hunk'. And the introduction of the Bionic Woman with them running and jumping fences together is just about the most romantic thing I have ever seen...