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  • My childhood hero.

    I've been a fan of this show since 1974. My first exposure was the series premier. I was at some babysitter's house
    with several other kids and I remember seeing " Population: Zero " .
    I remember the
    first scene with the cop giving me chills. Then the intro. Whoa! The
    coolest intro ever! This looks awesome.
    I remember Steve talking to Oscar in the garage talking about
    opening up an auto shop. I remember Steve's discovery of the
    townspeople alive, Steve being captured by the villain. " I will
    reduce you to a six million dollar pile of junk. " Put him in the
    freezer. But what I remember the most is him powering up slowly as he
    ran after falling a couple times. The heartbeat sound affect. I
    thought that was so cool. And running with steel fence pillar, almost
    falling from the sonic waves, but no. With one last burst of strength
    and then ... boom!
    What a great ending. There are better episodes, But for it's
    nostalgic value alone, that's probably my favorite. Later, that same week, they showed the pilot movie again, so I saw that after the premere. " Day Of The Robot
    " was my next favorite episode. I remember the first year was really a
    half season long. Some episodes that I thought were cool then are actually
    pretty hokey now, but a guilty pleasure ( Dr Wells Is Missing, Burning Bright , Run Steve Run etc).
    Some still stand out.. ( Last Of The Fourth Of Julys, Doomsday and Counting , Eyewitness to
    Murder, Etc.. ( Gary Lockwood as John Hopper.. unsung villain).
    What Male kid at least back then didn't pretend to be Steve
    Austin? Didn't do the hokey Bionic sound affects, or try? I myself
    could do a pretty good Bionic eye, still can. And when you ran in slow
    motion, always, always... there was Oliver Nelson's music in your
    head. Most of the time you were doing it out loud! I have looked my
    entire life for a soundtrack album. If anything deserves a soundtrack,
    THAT music does. Great jazz, and the percussion.. bongos and drums.
    That orchestra must have had fun.
    I still remember the birthday in 1975 when I got the action
    figure, the trading cards, actually stickers. The movie viewer,
    anybody remember those?
    Lee Majors brought such a real, sensitive persona to Steve
    Austin. And the character was a great moral hero for boys. He refused
    to carry a gun. I'm not talking about the first three movies, the only
    thing I would count from there is the pilot where he shot some
    soldiers because he was scared to death on his first mission. And the
    two James Bond type follow-up movies. What was that about? Not right for the
    character at all. Majors had more of a hand in development of Austin
    when it became a series.
    And good old reliable Oscar Goldman, played by Richard
    Anderson. People talk about the Picard Maneuver's that Patrick Stewart
    did in Star Trek. How many Goldman Maneuvers did Anderson do? How many
    different ways can you take off your glasses, how slowly can you do
    it, and how many different ways can you say, " We've got a problem,
    Pal. " as only he could. Ever see the second and third movies? Oscar
    is nasty. Almost like McGavin in the pilot. He didn't like Steve at
    all. But over the course, he was like a father figure to Jamie, and
    best friend to Steve.
    And Jamie. What a timeless character , written for, and dependent so
    strongly on the performance of Lindsay Wagner. I'm sorry boys, but
    there is only one Jamie Sommers in this world. I remember her being
    introduced, and being killed. The chase in the rain. And didn't
    Lindsay almost make you feel the sheer agony Jamie was going through. I,
    and all of the fans were outraged over the death of a purely fictional
    character, which this wonderful and charming actress brought to life.
    We wrote, They listened.. ressurection. Her lost memory, ( " Who are you? " , remember that? ) her
    heartbreaking trials with Steve, and him always silently sitting back,
    waiting for her. Hoping against hope that she would come back to him. Of course, she got her own show. There was even a Seven Million Dollar Man.. Barney Miller.. in the second season.. pre Jamie. Robots, Fembots, Sasquatch, Death Probes and the like filled my screen through adventure after adventure.
    Time went by, the episodes started getting lamer. Puberty
    hit. Star Wars came out. And the Bionic duo fell by the wayside. But
    they never really left my heart. In the 80's, I was re-awaked to my childhood heroes when Richard Anderson arranged for a reunion movie. Kinda holkey... but I'll take what I can get. Best part was... jmaie finally remembered her love for Steve! A second ( Bionic Showdown, with a then unknown Sandra Bullock becoming bionic! ... and Jamie asked Steve to marry him ( because he couldn't get the courage up). And finally, a final mission and the decades long anticipation was over. Jamie Sommers and Steve Austin became husband and wife. Also, for decades... legal litigation and copyrite and royalty battles, kept these two shows from being released on DVD. Well, the wait is over, ladies and gentlemen. In November, Time/Life is releasing the entire series for the first time in any American format in a complete set. Check the Timelife site for details. The Bionic Woman will be released one season at a time in stores starting in October. And I feel like I'm ten years old all over again!!! Those shows were the magic of my childhood... and these were my heroes.

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