The Six Million Dollar Man

Season 2 Episode 19

The Bionic Woman (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 16, 1975 on ABC

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  • Six Million $ Man a real Fav

    I watched this show many times,I had Bionic Woman 2 part debut,but accidentally erased it last night,need to know when it will be aired again. Steve "Stone Cold" Austin (Williams)"The Rattle Snake" watched it also,McMahon & CO thought he should use Austin,he declined at first but relented.
  • You know, it might not be so bad being the bride of Frankenstein.

    I was really surprised that this episode had no reviews at all posted, being the most famous episode and two-part story of the entire series. Yet, I find from hearing from various fans, that they had forgotten how the beloved character of Jamie Sommers came to be. She came to be through very special and unusual circumstances. 1975 was the year. By the middle of the second year of the show, Steve Austin had become such a popular icon, role model and hero to many children. I don't know how it was in other countries, but here in America, the show was catching on like never before, and every boy I knew, wanted to be just like Steve. This was the year I got my Steve Austin action figure. I got the trading cards. The ongoing battle on Sunday nights was wether we would watch Cher's variety show (my Mom's favorite, on opposite SMDM) or this one. Although I had agreed with her on rotation watching, I always through a temper tantrum when it was her show's turn. In the first Season of the show, we were introduced, ever so briefly to Steve's mother, Helen..lovingly played by veteran actress Martha Scott. It was the first peek inside Austin's family, yet still concentrated on the mission at hand. Fans began to wonder what his family life was like...what he did on vacations, where his home was, what his younger days were like. He has become that real to fans, and they wanted to get to know different sides of the character. This was mostly due to the down to earth personal charm that Lee Majors brought to him week after week. And so, the decision was made to not only give viewers a look at his personal and family life, outside of missions, but introduce his childhood sweetheart, Jamie Sommers, and make her bionic herself. Earlier that same year, the producers had introduced another bionic agent, Barney Miller (later switched to Hiller, to avoid confusion with a popular new sit-com). Miller went power mad with his abilities, and had to be tuned down. In an era where women were finally finding their valuable place in society, the time had come for a female counterpart. Kenneth Johnson wrote the story, and wrote the part of Jamie specificly for one certain actress... a relatively unknown young lady name Lindsay Wagner. The episode begins with Steve on a mission. He recovers a plate used for the printing of American 20 dollar bills, stolen from the Denver mint, and being sold to a powerful crime lord. Steve retrieves the plate right after the sale, on a dark deserted road, but his face is seen. The crime lord Joseph Verona vows never to stop looking for him, even if it takes the rest of his life. Following this, Steve needs a rest, and a refuge to establish. he goes back to his hometown of Ojai, buy a ranch and set it up as that refuge from his dangerous life. His mother and stepfather help him with the place, and tell him the Jamie , his high school sweetheart, is back in town. Steve and Jamie immediately feel the old sparks in the reunion, and, never having gotten seriously romantic out of fear, cast that aside to pursue their love for each other. Boss Oscar calls Steve to try and warn him that Verona is looking for him, searching for the identity of the thief who ruined his business, but Steve is much to happy to worry about it, and pays the warnings no mind. Steve and Jamie go sky-diving, and through a defect, Jamie's parachute tears apart on the way down. She plummets to the ground and through the branches of a large oak tree at high speed. Her right inner ear and right arm are completely destroyed and her legs are shattered. The hospital informs Steve they cannot repair a body this broken, and Jamie cannot survive in this condition long. With Jamie in and out of conciousness, Steve promises her to make it better, if she will blindly trust him. Steve asks Oscar to help, to get the funds to allow Rudy Wells to repair Jamie like they did him, but Oscar coldly, and logicaly tells him it's impossible, because the agency no longer has that type of need for a new agent. Steve tries to convince Oscar of that need, but Oscar knows it's personal. And he points out, that if he needs her for a job, Steve's gonna change his mind because of the danger. Steve swears this won't happen, and breaks down..begging Oscar to save her life as a favor for friendship sake. Within days, Rudy is there, sedating Jamie to buy time to have her new limbs developed, and in time, her body is re-assembled. When Jamie re-awakens, and learns her fate, she freaks. Steve is reminded of his deep depression and attempted suicide two years ago, when Jamie asks why Steve did not just let her die. "Don't tell me about wanting to die!", he explodes back at her, but she is too hysterical to hear him. "Look at me!", he shouts, as he picks up a chair, crushing it with his hand. " I know how tough it is", he softly says as he lowers the crushed chair to the ground. "I went through exactly what you're going through". He tells her of his legs and eye as well. Jamie is wide eyed in amazement. "An eye?!", she gasps. "Which one?". He comes close and says, "You tell me". But she cannot. Now she will trust him, as he promises her this will be the hardest thing she has ever done, but he will be with her every step. She agrees, and soon she is running at about 50 MPH right beside Steve. He decides to finally propose to Jamie, and she accepts. But at a dinner at his parents, she ends up shattering a glass during a toast. It's not the first sign of trouble, and Jamie has not told Rudy of it as Steve asked her to. Elsewhere, Joseph Verona cackles loudly while looking at a wedding announcement with a banner picture of Steve. "Now I know who you are", he cries. "Well, you can expect a very special wedding present from me." Lindsay Wagner breathes such a charming, realistic presence and personality into Jamie, that fans immediately fell in love with the lady. The chemistry between her and Lee Majors was so magical that fans assumed they must be romanticly involved. The studi received so much fan mail from part one, before part Two even aired. Johnson, and producer Harve Bennett were very apprehensive. Fans had little idea what was to come.
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