The Six Million Dollar Man

Season 3 Episode 1

The Return of the Bionic Woman (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 14, 1975 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the flashback Jamie is in the operating room being prepared for the cryogenic operation that should bring her back to life. Medically she's dead although her brain still has oxygen, but in a closeup you can see that her right eye is moving under the eyelid.

    • When Steve is being rescued by the helicopter you can see that the person being lifted up is from a different shoot and the helicopter has been pasted underneath.

    • In an odd lack of continuity, the flashback scenes at the beginning of the episode very clearly show Alan Oppenheimer playing Rudy Wells; however minutes later Wells is played by Martin E. Brooks.

    • When Steve is bionically maneuvering his wheelchair to the hospital building where he sees Jaime, he uses his left (non-bionic) arm to turn a corner. The problem is, you still hear the bionic sound effect.

    • When Steve sees Jaime for the second time, he confronts Rudy and Oscar in an emotional and dramatic (albeit poorly acted) scene at the hospital. At one point in his monologue, Lee Majors turns suddenly and clearly says "Oscar!" while looking at Rudy. He then pauses for half a second, looks confused, and turns to look at Oscar. He then looks back at Rudy and says, "Rudy!" It's so funny when you watch it several times. Majors obviously screwed up his line, became aware of it, and attempted to salvage the scene. I guess the director either didn't notice it, or figured that the viewers would chalk it up to Steve's confused state of mind.

  • Quotes

    • Steve: What are you intentions about Jaime?
      Michael: Intentions?
      Steve: Well, obviously, you know she likes you a lot.
      Michael: Yes, but would you like my medical opinion?
      Steve: What do you mean?
      Michael: I mean Jaime's showing all the symptoms of the classic patient/doctor infatuation - doctor saves woman's life, woman looks at doctor with amazement, admiration; a kind of desire...
      Steve: And how does doctor look at woman?
      Michael: Listen, Steve... I'd be a liar if I didn't tell you that I find Jaime incredibly attractive. Her mind is quick, her wit is sharp, and she's a lovely woman.
      Steve: Yeah, I know.
      Michael: And I know what you two shared before - how hard this must be on you - her loss of memory of what you two had.

    • Jaime: How long have you been bionic?
      Steve: About three years.
      Jaime: Oh... y'know, sometimes I feel like... uh... like a little kid with a new toy. And other times, I feel like... I don't know...
      Steve: I do.
      Jaime: Yeah, I guess you do. (bends the bed frame back into shape) What does that make me?
      Steve: (puts his hand on hers) It makes you like me.
      Jaime: Yeah... y'know, Michael's sweet, and I'm very fond of him, but... you and I, Steve... we're kinda special, I guess, and I'm gonna need you to help me adjust... ummm... help me be bionic.
      Steve: Well, you can count on me.
      Jaime: (puts her hand out) Be my friend?
      Steve: (hesitates, then takes her hand) I'll be your friend, Jaime.

    • Jaime: I still feel a little strange around new people.
      Steve: I understand.
      Jaime: It's all just so incredible. All of a sudden, just - here I am.
      Steve: It must be hard for you.
      Jaime: Yeah... but... it's also fresh too, y'know. Everytime I see something new, or touch something, or... or I meet a new person, it just makes me want more. And I wanna look back, too. I wanna know who I was; where I came from. But it's a little frightening too... ummm... it's like something's haunting me.
      Steve: I know you were in a lot of pain.
      Jaime: Maybe that's it. All I know is that it's... uh... it's very uncomfortable to think about, and Michael says it could even be physically dangerous if I dwell on it, so...

    • Steve: It may not have affected my eyesight, but boy, my legs must've really got chewed up.
      Rudy: Yeah, they were. We had to use a carload of components to rebuild 'em. I'll send you the bill in the morning.
      Steve: Waitaminute - I'm still under warranty, y'know.
      Rudy: Yeah, well, you were about due for your twenty thousand mile checkup anyway.
      Steve: How long will I be in the shop?
      Rudy: I'm not sure. You could be on your feet by next week.
      Steve: Y'know, Doc...
      Rudy: Yeah...
      Steve: Tell me something...
      Rudy: What?
      Steve: And I want it straight... will I ever be able to run sixty miles per hour again?
      Rudy: (laughing) Sure you will - eventually - but not for a while, and even then, not very far. Listen... I know you, so don't push it, y'hear?
      Steve: I got'cha.

  • Notes

    • As of this episode and for the rest of the series, Martin E. Brooks replaces Alan Oppenheimer as Rudy Wells in a classic "Darren" switch. This makes Brooks the third actor to play the role, including Martin Balsam in the pilot.

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