The Six Million Dollar Man

ABC (ended 1978)




  • Season 3 Episode 20: Love Song for Tanya

  • When the evil assasin is shown sitting in his car, revving the engine and readying himself to mow down Tanya in the crosswalk, he is clearly sitting in a diamond tucked, brown leather office chair, not in a car seat. The clip is obviously taken from the earlier scene in which he's in his boss's office getting orders to kill Tanya.

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Hocus-Pocus

  • When Steve Austin is doing a card trick for Oscar Goldman in an early scene (where the Aces seemingly poke out on their own) a wire can be seen along Steve's arm.

  • Season 3 Episode 4: The Song and Dance Spy

  • It is said during the beginning of the episode that John Perry's group will be playing at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. However, the announcer at the Guam airport announces that the flight is arriving from Andrews Air Force Base, but Andrews AFB is in Maryland.

  • When Steve is driving down the road and John Perry's song comes on the radio, he turns the volume up. At that time, the AM radio is set at about 700 on the dial. Later during the song, Steve turns the volume back down and the radio is now set at about 1000.

  • Season 3 Episode 1: The Return of the Bionic ...

  • In the flashback Jamie is in the operating room being prepared for the cryogenic operation that should bring her back to life. Medically she's dead although her brain still has oxygen, but in a closeup you can see that her right eye is moving under the eyelid.

  • When Steve is being rescued by the helicopter you can see that the person being lifted up is from a different shoot and the helicopter has been pasted underneath.

  • In an odd lack of continuity, the flashback scenes at the beginning of the episode very clearly show Alan Oppenheimer playing Rudy Wells; however minutes later Wells is played by Martin E. Brooks.

  • When Steve is bionically maneuvering his wheelchair to the hospital building where he sees Jaime, he uses his left (non-bionic) arm to turn a corner. The problem is, you still hear the bionic sound effect.

  • When Steve sees Jaime for the second time, he confronts Rudy and Oscar in an emotional and dramatic (albeit poorly acted) scene at the hospital. At one point in his monologue, Lee Majors turns suddenly and clearly says "Oscar!" while looking at Rudy. He then pauses for half a second, looks confused, and turns to look at Oscar. He then looks back at Rudy and says, "Rudy!" It's so funny when you watch it several times. Majors obviously screwed up his line, became aware of it, and attempted to salvage the scene. I guess the director either didn't notice it, or figured that the viewers would chalk it up to Steve's confused state of mind.

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