The Sixth Sense

Season 2 Episode 8

And Scream by the Light of the Moon, the Moon

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 1972 on ABC



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    • Maude: Dr. Rhodes, Carol is not here. You've come on a fool's journey.
      Rhodes: Can you tell me where she is?
      Maude: It's a long ride back to town. You really should get started, you know.

    • David: (about Maude's fortunetelling) You should lay off that heavy stuff, Mary Ruth.

    • Maude: I warned you! I warned you both! If she sees it again, she'll die! She'll die!

    • Mark: Are you a medical doctor?
      Rhodes: No, I'm not.
      Mark: Then you're not qualified to diagnose what's wrong with her, are you?
      Rhodes: Whatever's wrong with her, if it has a psychic base, I'm qualified.
      Mark: Isn't that a big if?
      Rhodes: I don't think so, no.

    • Mark: The way I see it, Dr. Rhodes, Carol's only hope is for you to leave.

    • Maude: What folks believe in is nobody's business but their own.
      Rhodes: Unless what they believe in hurts someone else.

    • Rhodes: Who wants Carol dead and why?
      David: I wouldn't do her any harm.
      Rhodes: Somebody would and has.
      David: You're looking in the wrong place.
      Rhodes: No, David, it's here.

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