The Sixth Sense

Season 2 Episode 5

Once Upon a Chilling

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 1972 on ABC
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Once Upon a Chilling
A woman has a terrifying vision about her deceased boss who has been cyrogenically frozen.

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    John Hillerman

    John Hillerman

    Adrian Weems

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    Ruth Roman

    Ruth Roman

    Mrs. Cloister

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    Susan Strasberg

    Susan Strasberg

    Laura Anders

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      • Laura: (about Dr. Cloister) He wanted all of us who worked for him to agree to be frozen with him when he died.

      • Melling: I suppose Laura has told you all about her wild imaginings, doctor, and I'm sure you'll agree they're nothing more than that.
        Rhodes: I'm really not sure what they are, Mr. Melling.

      • Melling: (to Rhodes) I believe in science, doctor. Not miracles, not fads. I hope you don't give Laura cause for regret.

      • Laura: (about Weems) Dr. Cloister called him "my man up from the dead."

      • Melling: (about Laura's visions) I think she saw what you caused her to see. Something you implanted in her mind.
        Rhodes: Is that what you believe?
        Melling: I believe this--she's very upset by the death of a man she was completely devoted to. If you don't leave her alone she's gonna come to a great deal of harm.

      • Mrs. Cloister: I'm a beliver, you know.
        Rhodes: In what, Mrs. Cloister?
        Mrs. Cloister: Spirits, things that go bump in the night. But mostly I believe in youth. Eternal youth and beauty.

      • Mrs. Cloister: Sidney loved life. He always did. How could I blame him for loving a part of it that was young and beautiful?
        Rhodes: There are many kinds of beauty, Mrs. Cloister. I was hoping you could help me.
        Mrs. Cloister: You expect too much, Dr. Rhodes.
        Rhodes: Then you can't help me?
        Mrs. Cloister: I won't.

      • Rhodes: True science cannot deny the existence of things simply because they cannot be weighed or measured.

      • Rhodes: (to Melling and Weems) What are you afraid of--that I'll find out the truth?

      • Rhodes: (about Mrs. Cloister's solitaire game) Do you ever lose?
        Mrs. Cloister: Only when I cheat.

      • Melling: You know what your episode in the freezing chamber almost cost?
        Rhodes: My life.

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