The Sixth Sense

Season 2 Episode 12

The Eyes That Wouldn't Die

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 23, 1972 on ABC



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    • Simmons: (about Kathy's vision) What she had was simply a post-operative impression. Rhodes: Right down to the exact description of the woman and the place she was murdered?

    • Rhodes: You know what your trouble is, Woody? You want answers before I've even found the questions.

    • Kathy: Albert, have I said thank you to you?
      Albert: Maybe a hundred times.

    • Simmons: Give me some proof, doctor.
      Rhodes: I can't give you blood smears or test tubes or even X-rays. Proof in psychic phenomena has almost always been after the fact.
      Simmons: She has been blind for nearly ten years. I will not jeopardize that.
      Rhodes: What good is sight if she's dead?

    • Simmons: Do you mean you buy this story of his, lieutenant?
      Woods: What do I know? I'm a cop. I take help wherever I can get it.

    • Albert: You drove a long way to but into Kathy's business, Mr. Rhodes.

    • Rhodes: Mr. Young, I must ask you to let Kathy make her own decisions.
      Albert: I'm very sensitive about things that are not in her best interest, Dr. Rhodes. Now the only danger that I can see for Kathy is what you bring her.

    • Simmons: She agreed to what you tried. I guess that let's you off the hook. Legally, that is.
      Rhodes: I'm not trying to get off the hook. I believed her life was in danger. I know that now more than ever. I saw it.

    • Simmons: I don't care how altruistic your motives are. The fact is, you brought that girl nothing but pain and grief. Go ask her now if she wants anymore of your help.

    • Woods: Hang in there. You still got one strike comin'.

    • Simmons: I haven't had much rest since I met you.

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