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ITV (ended 2003)


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  • The Sketch Show is a finely crafted, decently acted, downright hilarious Sketch comedy choc full of fast paced quirky, wacky, and ridiculous off the wall visual British humour. :-)

    The Sketch Show only lasted two seasons with only sixteen episodes, but boy was it funny! As mentioned by another reviewer, many of the jokes were purely observational, and quite often, just plain silly, whereas other jokes were slightly more "intelligent".

    The cast was great in the first season, but unfortunately suffered in the second season with the replacement of the fabulous Ronni Ancona with aussie comedian Kitty Flanagan, who added a whole lot of strange, unfunny fart jokes to the mix. Before Kitty came along, I didn't recall a single fart joke on 'The Sketch Show', however there were some bawdy sex jokes, and some ridiculous toilet humour.

    The Sketch Show is a fantastic comedy series with silly jokes that would appeal to almost anybody, however there would often be jokes you'll be wondering "What the hell is so funny?" I guess cause we haven't adapted to the British style of humour enough. Nevertheless, make sure you tune into this show when you can.

    However, stay away from the DVD set available in Australia as it's of abysmal quality. The cover art is obviously a JPEG image downloaded from the internet, all 8 episodes are VERY BADLY combined into a 3-hour episode just so it can fit onto one disc (not to mention some of the jokes have been omitted).
  • The sketches were hilarious and opened new horizons for silly comedic sets the benchmark for any sketch show


    The Sketch Show has been influential in bringing out lesser sketch shows by localised networks (e.g in Australia)...It is the original and best. All the actors have their moments in this show with extremely funny sketches ranging from really simple stupid situations to more insightful and cleverly thought jokes. My favorite of the cast is Lee Mack who is a stand-up comedian in his own right. His impersonations are hilarious and always spot on. It's tough to understand why it did not continue as it was a successful show. Being developed by a weak network does not help I guess, but I will never forget this show.