The Slammer - Season 1

CBBC (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • 29 December 2006
    29 December 2006
    Episode 15
    In this New Year special, The Governor presents us with his favourite acts from this year. The Governors Favourite Acts: The Acromaniacs Rob Alton Kris Kremo Bhavini Flawless Bruce Airhead Shaun Walsh Valentin McFly David and Dania's Quick Change Act
  • 22 December 2006
    22 December 2006
    Episode 14
    In a Christmas special of The Slammer, Melvin stage fright cures with a bottle of fizzy pop and Burgess confiscates Peter's puppets. Freedom Show Performers: Outrage The Yo Yo people Feeding The Fish Bobby Badfingers
  • 15 December 2006
    15 December 2006
    Episode 13
    There is a power-cut at the Slammer which gives some prisoners the chance to escape, meanwhile Burgess and Gimbert swap places with Melvin and Peter for the day. Freedom Show Performers: The Twins The Magnets Big Howard and Little Howard Uno Lanka
  • 8 December 2006
    8 December 2006
    Episode 12
    Alan (Brian Murphy) a dodgy ventriloquist tries to persuade Peter Nokio to give up ventriloquism to land himself a place on the Freedom Show. Freedom Show Performers: Alan and Jimmy Rhys Darby Angie Hulahoopa Joe Hearson
  • 1 December 2006
    1 December 2006
    Episode 11
    Mr Burgess is hoping to win the 'Prison Warden of the Month' award but those plans are ruined by Gimbert's attempts of getting him a girlfriend. Freedom Show Performers: Solid Feet Juggler Jam Two's Company The Human Slinky
  • 24 November 2006
    24 November 2006
    Episode 10
    The Governor prepares for his TV interview but will it be ruined by the Slammer's prankster? Performing Prisoners: Flawless Magician Stephen Mulhern Showaddywaddy Hui Ling Zhu.
  • 17 November 2006
    17 November 2006
    Episode 9
    Melvin is forced to perform in the Freedom Show, and due to the lack of performers, Governor, Gimbert and Burgess are forced to perform. Freedom Show Performers: The Governor Rob Alton Mat Ricardo Shaun Walsh
  • 10 November 2006
    10 November 2006
    Episode 8
    A new inmate arrives in The Slammer who is in fact Tim Healy but he hides a dark secret. Freedom Show Performers: Hellcat McSavage (Tim Healy) Out Of The Blue Sam Sam, The Bubble Man Donelda & Biba
  • 3 November 2006
    3 November 2006
    Episode 7
    Much to the despair of the Governor and Burgess, a showbiz agent somehow breaks into the Slammer. Freedom Show Performers: McFly Bruce Airhead Leo the Unicyclist Physical Jerks
  • 27 October 2006
    27 October 2006
    Episode 6
    It's all getting spooky in the Slammer in this Halloween special. The Governor is trying to hatch a plan to scare Mr Burgess. Freedom Show Performers: Betty Curse Dr Bunhead Scott Penrose and Aila The Skeleton Crew
  • 20 October 2006
    20 October 2006
    Episode 5
    Her Majesty visits the Slammer and The Governor isn't too happy about his new pen-pal scheme. Freedom Show Performers Jana Roberts the hula hooper Salah the bodypopper Jon Hicks, the world's fastest artist Alesha
  • 13 October 2006
    13 October 2006
    Episode 4
    It's Melvin's gran's birthday, but he needs help for how to get out as the wardens have some new boots to help them see for miles. Special Guests: Syd Little Mona Hammond as Melvin's Gran Freedom Show Performers: Les Bubb Kris Kremo Prof. Bumm and Dr Whee The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britainmoreless
  • 06 October 2006
    06 October 2006
    Episode 3
    The Governor (Ted Robbins) is having problems with the prisons money and will Melvin's smuggling scheme help him out? Freedom Show Performers: Asher Tea Fraser Hooper the clown Beatbox Unorthodox David and Dania's quick change act
  • 29 September 2006
    29 September 2006
    Episode 2
    While down in the basement Gimbert finds Keith Harris and Orville however it's not all as it seems. Freedom Show Prisoners: Daniel Magness Keith Harris and Orville Mr Methane Bhavini
  • 22 September 2006
    22 September 2006
    Episode 1
    Peter Nokio is eager to get in the Freedom Show, but Melvin Odoom comes to the rescue. Special Guests: Ruth Bratt Uri Geller