The Slap Maxwell Story

ABC (ended 1988)


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The Slap Maxwell Story

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"Slap" Maxwell was an unbelievably egocentric sportswriter working for a second-rate newspaper, The Ledger, located in the Southwest. Each episode opened with shots of Slap getting slapped around by an irate athlete, a nun or someone hurling something at him in anger. This set the stage for the rest of the show. His column "Slap Shots" was produced from hunt-and-pecking on an old typewriter and was definitely upbeat - however, its rumors and innuendo drew lawsuits, giving editor Nelson Kruger nightmares. More than not, this usually ended up getting Slap fired, though he'd always return. Despite his insensitivity to everyone around him, he did manage to have an on-again, off-again relationship with Judy, the newspaper's secretary. Annie was his estranged wife and Dutchman was the bartender at the local bar. They all managed to put up with Slap's demeanor, which in the end, got him nowhere.