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The Slayers

Season 1 Episode 1

Angry? Lina's Furious Dragon Slave!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Apr 07, 1995 on AT-X

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  • The start of Lina and Gorry

    This episode was a great start for the show it was a way to introduce us to this famous duo. There isn't much I can really say about this episode it's self explanitory on itself so I'll be brief.

    Both don't just have unique ablities, Lina has some might but is more attuned to magic. Gorry has might but one magic item which is a magic sword, that practically is similar to a light saber.

    But in personalities Lina is smart and has a fun personality, sort of borderline selfish and selfless whcih I feel gives her a bit of an antihero quality that I can emphisize with cause I myself am also that way; as the Joker says on "The Dark Knight" "If your good at something don't do it for free." so if your want Lina to save the day pay up. But a bit overcomfidant which is a weakness and a strength.

    Gorry we see is dumb as dirt litterally from his incabasity to follow through on his thinking which at times makes him say the wrong things unintentionally, reminds me a little of the Dobber character on "Coach". But as we see he always does have a big heart and does the right thing.

    There are a lot of good things happening in the episodes from the dialogue exchange between Gorry and Lina to seeing Lina use the Dragon Slave for the first time which was always my favorate power of her's sort of reminds me a little of the Ultimate Hadoken move in the video game "Street Fighter Alpha 3".

    Two of my favorate moments were when Gorry enters the picture. From seeing him kick the crap out of the bandits then what he does to the Bandit leader was both funny and erotic at the same time. The Bandit leader does look good in the nude.

    Ahem ok, I think I'm getting into strange territory here back to what's important. but the second was this suttle moment when we hear what both are thinking once they see each other. Lina thinks Gorry is enchanted by her beauty, but Gorry feels he got a bum deal.

    And so it's their first step into their long partnership and well sort of friendship.
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