The Slayers

Season 1 Episode 1

Angry? Lina's Furious Dragon Slave!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Apr 07, 1995 on AT-X



  • Trivia

    • Spell Debut: Dragon Slave

      (Japanese version)
      Lina: Darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond blood that flows. Buried in the flow of time. In thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness. All the fools who stand in our way shall be destroyed by the power you and I possess. DRAGON SLAVE!

      (English version)
      Lina: Power beyond the twilight and crimson blood that flows. Buried in the stream of where your power grows. I pledge myself to conquer all the foes who stand, against the mighty gift bestowed in my unworthy hand. DRAGON SLAVE!

      Lina's ultimate power spell. It can wipe out the enemy but does a lot of collateral damage, like destroying the town.

    • Goof: When Gourry is fighting the Dragon Fang, he slices a club in half, but it is whole in the next shot.

    • Lina: Nicknames

      Lina Inverse is widely known as the Bandit Killer, as she steals from Bandits (who steals from others) and keeps the money for herself. Most of the time, she finds herself blowing up the bandit camps as she steals from them.

      Dragon Spooker is short for "Dragons Step Past Out Of Clear Revulsion."
      - This is one of Lina Inverse's many unflattering nicknames: Dora-mata, or Dragon Spooker. As evinced by the Black Dragon's reluctance to step on her when she was pinned beneath Gourry. Technically, the dragon was sickened, shown by the comical lines and it's expression...

  • Quotes

    • Gourry: Got anything in your bag of tricks to cure a headache?
      Lina: Glad you didn't hurt anything important.
      Gourry: Yeah, that's true.

    • Lina: How much is it worth to you if I can get rid of this dragon?
      Saman: We would gladly pay twenty gold pieces.
      Lina: Make is thirty.
      Saman: That's robbery.
      Lina: Pay it or this place is a lumber yard.
      Saman: Hmm... How about twenty-five?
      Lina: It's a deal.

    • Bandit: Who do you think you are, anyways?
      Gourry: If I gave you my name, you'd get it dirty.

    • Lina: (to herself) I wonder what it would be like to be hit on by someone who is not a career criminal.

    • Lina: (narrating) And thus Lina Inverse, the sorceress supreme, dedicates her life to defeating the tyranny of evil bandit gangs. This one den of wickedness is destroyed but, so long as evil exists in this world, Lina's battle will never end. Keep fighting, Lina! Never say die, Lina!
      Bandit: Bu-bu-but that's our treasure!

    • Gourry: (referring to the dragon) Lina, he's burning my bottom off!

    • Gourry: (after Lina "bargained" with the old man to kill the dragon) This chick's no girl.

    • Gourry: Oh, I thought that it was some kind of school uniform. (refering to Lina's outfit)
      Lina: What kind of school kid wears this? I bet that you never even went to school.

    • Gourry: (ordering food) And I'll have this, this, this, and this. Triple Portions.
      Waiter: Triple Portions?!

    • Gourry: (outloud/Lina can hear) I'm out here risking my life, for a toothpick.

    • Lina: (to herself) So what if I'm kinda short for my age? And a little underdeveloped too? Damn. Why do they always find the stuff you're sensitive about?

    • Lina: (to Gourry) I can take care of... (to herself) Oh wait. This is the part where the heroine is supposed to be all scared and shrieky, so I've gotta play this part right. So give me a chance to act all helpless and insane with fright! EEK! Save me, please! Help me, please!

    • Bandit: Well now, we've got you. You can't run. You think you can just steal our treasure, and get away with it? Do you, you little witch?
      Lina: (mimicking Bandit) "Do you, you little Witch?"
      Talk about lousy lines...

    • Bandit Boss: You...You...YOU! I can't believe it. How did she find me? That rotten little, magic-using, bandit killer. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! IT'S LINA INVERSE!
      Lina: That's me!

    • Lina: (opening) Where monsters rampage, I'm there to take them down. Where treasure glitters, I'm there to claim it. Where an enemy rises to face me, victory will be MINE!

    • Gourry: Oh great. It's a kid. I thought I was saving a babe, a luscious damsel in distress, not some flat-chested little girl.

  • Notes

    • Funimation Youtube
      In July 2008, Funimation set up a partnership with Youtube where they broadcasted the Slayers and Slayers Next series for a limited time. They released four episodes a week for July-October.

    • Enoki Films title: What a beautiful sorceress I am!

    • Ending Theme:

      "I'll Never Give Up!"
      Lyrics: Satomi Arimori
      Sung by: Masami Okui

    • Opening Theme:

      "Get Along"
      Lyrics: Satomi Arimori
      Sung by: Megumi Hayashibara

    • Apparently FOX Kids/ABC Family was going to air "Slayers" on their networks (English Dubbed), but they decided to change some stuff (words like blood or kill was going to be change on TV, and some of the sexual humor) rights fell through when editing was deemed to be to extensive, and may of interfered with some of the storylines.

    • When first released on DVD (Region 1), they had an audio problem. Make sure if you do buy the set, you ask if "it's the one with the corrected audio" or have "Remastered Audio" on the box set.

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