The Slayers

Season 2 Episode 16

Bitter Curve Balls! Gutsy Fast Balls!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Jul 19, 1996 on AT-X
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Bitter Curve Balls! Gutsy Fast Balls!
Guts. It is what saves you in a tough pinch. Now, Lina is approached by a man named Rudo Balzac, and is asked to put those guts to a greater use: a game of Brass Rackets. After initially refusing, she is challenged by Martina who makes fun of the thing she is most sensitive about: her breasts. Will guts and anger get Lina to the finals?moreless

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      • Amelia: Is this really such a good idea?
        Zelgadis: Lina has to be the one to win. This is the only way.
        Amelia: Oh, wow! You look so serious, Mr. Zelgadis.
        Zelgadis: I'm always serious! (Amelia looks scared.) Now let's go!

      • Martina: It's little. Little! Little! LITTLE!
        Lina: DAMN YOU MARTINA!!

      • Gourry: I hope she doesn't haunt us if she dies.
        Amelia: I... believe in Miss Lina...

      • Martina: You're scared, aren't you, Lina? Now accept my challenge! Or isn't there enough room in your breast for any hope of beating me?! (cackles)
        (Martina and Keith leave.)
        Rudy: Damn that Keith. I'll show him this time! (growls)
        Gourry: Come on, Lina. We've already eaten, so why don't we just get going?
        Lina: I'm playing.
        Gourry: Huh?
        Lina: (growls) That stuck-up girl! How dare she bring up the thing I'm most sensitive about!
        Amelia: (nervously) Uhhh, Miss Lina's really burning mad.
        Lina: I accept this challenge!

      • Lina: Martina, what in the heck did you learn how to do that?!
        Xellos: (reading) Enchanted rackets amplify mental energy and draw it into the ball. The stronger the racquet holder's personality, the more energy is released.
        Gourry: And she's got a LOT of really warped mental energy.
        Martina: Just SHUT UP!!!

      • Rudo: That's right! Don't you see? What lets you win is having guts. I saw that clearly just before when you got the last meatball!
        Xellos: Well, that's because she's so greedy, you see.
        Lina: Why don't you just BUTT out?!

      • Xellos: Well then, what do you do when your stomach is so full that you are unable to move?
        Lina: In that case you have to rely on your guts! Got that? When the enemy's attacking, you think saying, "My stomach hurts and I can't move" will buy you any mercy?! When that happens you fight with your spirit! That's why you born with guts in the first place!

      • Zelgadis: What the heck is this? Ahh! It says Clair "Bibble", not Clair "Bible"!
        Xellos: "Clair Bibble"? The name of the person who invented Brass rackets! Oh dear! I must have read it wrong before!

      • Xellos: (thinking) Guess now's as good a time as ever... (he holds up a racket and speaks out loud) Oh look, I have Lina's racket right here. Guess that means I'm the one who took it.
        Amelia: OH! But why are you confessing all of a sudden?!
        Xellos: It would have been boring to watch her finish this so easily. Wouldn't you all agree? It's better for Lina to have a handicap like this. Now let see her show us a really great match!
        Amelia: Mister Xellos, isn't that kind of logic kind of warped?

      • Xellos: Now please, I really didn't know at first...(Zelgadis fireballs him) Oh, didn't see that one coming. (falls over)

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      • Martina's full name is Martina Xoana Mel Navrachoa, which is similar to the champion tennis player, Martina Navratilova. The revelation of her name coincides with their playing in a Brass Rackets (similar to tennis) tournament.