The Slayers

Season 2 Episode 19

Disclosure at Last? Xellos's True Form!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Aug 11, 1996 on AT-X
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Disclosure at Last? Xellos's True Form!
Saygram has shown up, bringing his master, the Demon Dragon King Gaav, with him. Even Xellos seems to be no match for Gaav, as he is beaten to a pulp. And when even running away doesn't seem to be an option...Martina shows up to save the day!...?moreless

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    Jouji Nakata

    Jouji Nakata

    Maryuo Gaav

    Guest Star

    Veronica Taylor

    Veronica Taylor

    Auntie Aqua

    Guest Star

    Chikako Akimoto

    Chikako Akimoto

    Auntie Aqua

    Guest Star

    Robert O'Gorman

    Robert O'Gorman


    Recurring Role

    Yousuke Akimoto

    Yousuke Akimoto


    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Lina casts Dynast Brass which forms a pentagram around the monster and fires lightning at it.

      • Spell: Dynast Frost
        Zelgadis: Supreme King with the frozen soul. Grant me the power of your icy rage. DYNA FROST!

        Also known as: Dynast Breath

        This spell will freeze a target in ice.

      • Auntie Aqua: Water Dragon King:

        In this episode, Gaav identifies Auntie Aqua as the Water Dragon King. Although, Auntie Aqua does end up clarifying that she is onlly the remaining thoughts of the Water Dragon King after he died in the battle 1000 years ago. She is an illusion created by the manuscript's power.

      • Lina: Hellmaster

        The character, Hellmaster Phibrizzo is introduced in this episode, although the audience neither sees him or hears from him. According to Xellos, he is Lord Gaav's biggest contender in ruling the Mazoku race, and he also is after Lina. Although to what means remains a secret.

      • Gaav: Traitor?!

        In this episode, Gaav, himself, reveals that he became a traitor to the Mazoku race and is trying to gain power to overthrow Shabranigdo.

    • QUOTES (14)

      • Lina: So unless somebody has a better idea, we're going to the Katahto mountains!
        Everyone: Yeah!
        Xellos: Okay.
        Lina: But first, let's eat something! Hey Mister, menu!
        Zelgadis: I knew this would happen.
        Lina: Nevermind the menu! Just bring us ten servings each of everything from the top row on down!
        Gourry: Ah...Life IS wonderful.
        Zelgadis: Life ISN'T. (sighs)

      • Amelia: Mister Xellos, it's not fair for you to play dumb with us! If you won't tell us what's going on then, I know just how to fix you!
        Xellos: Oh really? Oh, how?
        Amelia: From now on, every night, you have to repeat: "Life is wonderful! Life is wonderful!" And keep right on repeating it!
        Xellos: Uh...Don't you think that's a little...
        Amelia: Since you Monsters seem to thrive on anti-life feelings, then praising life will have a positive effect on you!
        Lina: That would affect anyone Amelia, not just Monsters.

      • Gourry: That's funny. I figured out that Xellos was a Monster a long time ago.
        Everyone: Huh?!
        Lina: Uh, Gourry, are you sure you're thinking straight?
        Zelgadis: Must be animal instinct.

      • Amelia: But why does Mister Xellos have to be a monster? It's not too late! End your evil ways as a Monster and become a real human!
        Xellos: Um, even if you ask, I can't really do that.

      • Martina: Oh, you lied to me! I'll never love again!

      • Martina: I don't care if your name's Gaav or Gutter!

      • Martina: Master Xellos! Now that the great and powerful Martina has arrived, you have nothing to fear!
        Lina: And what do you think you can do that we haven't?
        Martina: You need to ask? I'm going to drive these characters away, one, two, three!
        Lina: Now look! Do you know who this guy here is?! He's Gaav, the Demon Dragon King!
        Martina: Dragon King? who's that?

      • Gourry: (about Gaav) It's Mister Ultimate Bad News.

      • Gaav: How dare you interefere with my plans?!
        Xellos: Oh please, no need to thank me.

      • Zelgadis: (about Martina) The worst possible person with the worst possible timing shows up...
        Lina: At the worst possible time..!

      • Lina: Everyone, use Martina as a shield and run for it!

      • Gaav: You don't know, do you, how powerful Xellos is. Even Shabranigdo's most trusted companions were not given power like your friend Xellos was gifted with.
        Xellos: Y-you don't have to put it like that.
        Lina: Yeah, Xellos. You're a pretty high-level monster, aren't you?
        Xellos: Yeah! Oop. (pause) Oh well, looks like the cat's out of the bag.

      • Xellos: You certainly have changed your image since the last time we saw you, Lord Demon Dragon King.
        Gaav: Oh, have I? You mean how I used to be a lot more polite?!
        (Gaav kicks Xellos in the stomach)

      • Xellos: I believe the objective of Lord Hellmaster's plan is...
        Gaav: The objective is?
        Xellos: ...a secret!

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