The Slayers

Season 1 Episode 13

Money! Knock Out Those Bounty Hunters!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Jun 30, 1995 on AT-X
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Seyruun holds an unpleasant surprise for Lina and Gourry when they discover their pictures on wanted posters. Due to her love of justice, Amelia turns into a most unexpected foe as she proceeds to try and capture them. As group after group tries to catch them for a reward, what will Lina and Gourry do to stop this onslaught?moreless

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    Joani Baker

    Joani Baker


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    Prince Philionel

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    Eric Stuart

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    Hiroshi Yanaka

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • Wanted!
        Lina's poster has a 500,000 gold reward. Gourry and Zelgadis also have wanted posters but it doesn't show the reward value.

      • Amelia's incantation before fire ball:

        Amelia: Source of all power, crimson fire, burning bright. Let thy power gather within my hand. FIRE BALL!

      • Vrumugun casts Freeze Arrow which can cancel out Flare Arrow.
        Zangulus has the demonic Howling Sword a green sonic blast that can slice through swords and knock back opponents.

      • The Monkey King
        In the Monkey King / Journey to the West legends, Sun Wukong gets a headband that if he tried to remove, it would get tighter.

        Lina immediately mentions "like The Monkey King" when she hears how she has a similar circlet that will shock her. So Lina is familiar with that legend despite being in a different fantasy world.

      • Character Debut: Zangulus and Vrumugun
        Zangulus is a bounty hunter with dark hair. He wears a green cloak and a sombrero like hat.
        Vrumugun the sorcerer wears a dark blue hooded cloak and a gem on his forehead.

      • Bounty: The Amature Avengers

        Several groups go after Lina and Gourry (for the bounty and/or the honor): the Black Iton Knights, the Silver Knights, the "great warriors" from Edoh, four unnamed groups, and Amelia.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Lina: Amelia! You are a total nutcase!
        Amelia: I knew it, Miss Lina! You're the good guy! I knew it all along.
        Lina: I seem to remember a slightly different opinion.

      • Amelia: Lina Inverse! Nefarious villan! If you continue to compound your crimes, prepare to fight me as well.
        Lina: Amelia...Would you get a clue?! They're the bad guys! They made up all that stuff about us!
        Amelia: But they told me that you and Gourry are really the bad guys.
        Lina: Amelia, think for a second! Who looks like a bad guy here? Heh?
        Amelia: Hmm...Both of you.

      • Gourry: Is there anything you can do about the shocks?
        Lina: Yeah, I could just deal with it.

      • Amelia: I suspected all along. Miss Lina... You're a bad guy, aren't you?
        Lina: I...umm...(stutters)... Well, I haven't done anything that bad for a while!... I think.
        Gourry: I'd sure like to know what you mean by "bad" then.
        Amelia: Yes, and how long is "for a while?"

      • Lina: Lighten up, guys. Lightningbolt!

      • Lina: Phil, what do you say we go to your place for a little lunch, then a banquet tomorrow...
        Phil: Miss Lina, it's a castle, not a restaurant.

      • Lina: Compared to what my big sister used to put me through, that was a piece of cake! Come on! Let's go Gourry!
        Gourry: Lina, I didn't know you had a sister.
        Lina: Oh, didn't I tell you?

      • (Lina is holding a dozen ice cream cones)
        Gourry: You're gonna get fat!
        Lina: Mind your own business.
        Gourry: Can I have one?
        Lina: No way!

      • Gourry: (emerging from under rubble) That hit me like a ton of bricks.

      • Lina: As long as we keep beating all these amateur avengers, sooner or later the big boss will have to come after us himself.
        Gourry: Oh great. Don't you know how to give a guy a break?
        Lina: (makes several absurd karate poses) Give a guy a break and you'll end up broken.
        Gourry: What's that mean?
        Lina: I have no idea.

    • NOTES (6)

      • Enoki Films title: Justice and Prize

      • The Anime Cartoon Inc. Version (the overseas version), suffers an audio problem. The audio is approximately 2 - 5 seconds eariler than it actually should be.

      • This is the last episode to be produced by Software Sculptors in 1996. The rest of the series is produced in 1997.

      • John Sirabella (Executive Producer) also left the project after this episode. He is then replaced by John O'Donnell, while Stephanie Shalofsky (also a new person) becomes a producer.

      • This is the last episode for Joani Baker as Amelia. She is then replaced by Veronica Taylor for the rest of the series.

        Liam O'Malley voices Zangulus for this episode only.
        Carter Cathcart voices Vrumugun for this episode only.

      • In the credits for the Anime Cartoon, Inc. Version, the font changed back to normal. For the past 5 or 6 episodes, the guest star names had a different font style.

    • ALLUSIONS (0)