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The Slayers

Season 1 Episode 17

Question? He's Proposing to THAT Girl?

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Jul 28, 1995 on AT-X
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Episode Summary

Lina, Gourry, and Amelia find themselves bombarded constantly by "would-be heroes", and things are only looking grimmer from there as they reach the port city, Sandoria. In order to throw off the many other "would-be heroes", who are trying to slay a sea dragon, the three of them dress up as "three loving and beautiful sisters". Unwillingly Gourry's charm reaches the sight of a man named Volun, who is set on making Gourry/Lala his wife?moreless

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    Cliff Lazenby

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    Ted Lewis (II)

    Ted Lewis (II)


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    Bin Shimada

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    Jimmy Zoppi

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • Cameo?
        After the cockroach disaster, while Lina is strategizing and Amelia is looking elsewhere, "Naga the White Serpent" supposedly walks by, although her hair is a different color.

      • Vrumugun: Bald

        It is revealed in this episode that Vrumugun has a bald spot, something that was not noticeable before since he always leaves his hood up.

      • Lina: Levitation
        Gourry: Why couldn't we fly to Sanboa? Lina: Levitation takes out a lot in me. This explains why they do not just fly from place to place. And also why Vrumugun is climbing the mountain.

      • Lina zaps the dragon with Digger Bolt. The dragon's teeth shatter, but in the next scene, you can still make out the dragon's four fangs.

      • He's Proposing to THAT Girl: Fake names

        To catch a ship to Sanboa, Lina and the gang take on aliases and disguises. Amelia's name is Lulu, Lina's is Lili, and Gourry's alias is Lala

      • Goof: During one scene inside the city, you can see Naga walk in front of the camera, however her hair is reddish brown instead of purple.

      • When Gourry removes his women clothes in a transformation sequence, his bra was stuffed with an apple on one side and a Zelgadis doll with a wad of cloth on the other side.

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Volun: Miss Lala! Miss Lala!
        Gourry: (kicks him in the face) Look at me! I'm a guy!
        Volun: Oh no! Where has my-where has my-where has my-where has-where has my Lala gone? It was really you? Oh, I don't care what you are! (chases after Gourry)

      • Amelia: We need you as bait to get the ship. Let's go Lili!
        Lina: Right, Lulu!
        Gourry: I refuse!
        Amelia: It's for the cause of justice! So deal with it.
        Gourry: Where's the justice?!
        Amelia: Oh, it's around here somewhere.

      • Lina: Don't worry. Just pay attention to how Amelia and I act and copy us. Now, next on the agenda.

        (cut to restaurant scene. Volun walks in and shocked to see Gourry scarfing down a bunch of food.)

        Amelia: Mister Gourry, you've got to be more lady-like!
        Gourry: Huh? But I'm just copying her.
        (Camera pans to Lina who's gobbling down her own food.)
        Amelia: (planting her head to the table) Ohhh!
        Volun: Such a healthy appetite.

      • Volun: (To Gourry) You're very pretty.

      • Lina: He turned out even better that I expected.
        Amelia: Yeah! I must say, you really make a hot chick, Mr. Gourry.
        Gourry: Oh, great. Dressing me up like a girl. (begins sobbing on his sleeve) What did I do to deserve this?!

      • Codan: Lina Inverse! Now you will pay for your evil! I, Codan, shall defeat you.
        Lina: Here comes number twelve. Man, I wish they'd all just lay off.
        Codan: (background) In the name of all that is good, I shall punish you!
        Lina: And they all seem to make the same speech.
        Amelia: Yeah, I guess it is kind of ridiculous.
        Codan: You will die for your crimes against all good, Lina Inverse.
        Lina: All right, if that's what you want... Diem Wing!

      • (The girls notice Gourry is trying to jump overboard, so they hold him back.)
        Lina: Huh? Gourry, wait! Don't be rash.
        Gourry: Hey, let me go! I'll swim back if I have to.
        Lina: If you jump in here, the sea dragon will eat you.
        Gourry: (grunts) I'd rather be eaten by a dragon than to have to marry a guyyyyy!
        Lookout: Dragon! The Sea Dragon!
        (Lina, Gourry, and Amelia struggle a bit but then look at the whirlpool where the sea dragon emerges and roars.)
        Lina: Wow. It really came.
        Gourry: I wasn't really serious.

      • Volun: I'm sure you must have heard of the great hero Volun, haven't you?
        Gourry: Well, uh, no.
        Volun: The great slayer of villains and monsters. The hero, Volun, whose name resounds throughout the heavens?
        Lina: Ever heard of him?
        Gourry: Never.
        Amelia: Me neither.

      • Lina: This is the girliest room I have ever seen.
        Amelia: So, this is your room, Mister Gourry?

      • Volun: You know how the Dark Lord Shabranigdo was recently reborn?
        (Everyone gasps)
        Volun: Well, the one who killed the mighty Shabranigdo just happens to be me!
        (Everyone gasps again.)
        Volun: Yeah, I was real surprised when I found out the monster I killed was Shabranigdo! Ha ha ha...
        Lina: (Barely held back by Gourry and Amelia) Why, you big liar!
        Gourry: Calm down, Lina.

      • Lina: See? The heroes are after Lina Inverse, the Sorceress, and Gourry Gabriev, the Swordsman. No one will suspect us in these get-ups, right? We're just -
        Amelia: Three loving -
        Both: And beautiful sisters!
        Gourry: Somebody please take my life!

      • Lina: Oh, so that's why you went after his face.
        Gourry: Yeah, it was a DRAG-on, get it? I figured it was too vain to handle the facial scar.
        Lina: I get it. Good call!
        Gourry: (chuckles) Oh! W-well..
        Lina: Takes one to know one!
        Gourry: I'm not one!

        (In another translation, Gourry says he's not gay.)

      • Gourry: Lina, that girly-looking dragon... It's a guy.
        Lina: What were you looking at down there?

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Gourry: Sailor Moon

        Gourry looks like Usagi (Serena) Tsukino of Sailor Moon when he is in disguise as Miss Lala. And when he finally goes out of his disguise, a spoof transformation is made (that even includes panties!)

      • Lina: Fatal Fury

        In her disguise, Lina resembles Mai from Fatal Fury. This may be one of the spoofs they do for a disguise in this episode.