The Slayers

Season 1 Episode 18

Return! The Red Priest Is Back!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Aug 04, 1995 on AT-X
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Reaching their goal at last, Lina and the gang sneak into Sairagg, only to be seen by an old friend of Gourry's? And what's up with this "Gourry dear" nonsense this girl is spouting? Finally the person behind the wanted posters arrives!

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    Adam Sholder

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    Ted Lewis (II)

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • This episode reveals who placed the bounty on Lina.

      • The Red Priest Is Back: Chimeras

        They are combination life forms. If parts of different creatures are combined they create a man-made creature.

        With this subject, Lina brings up that sorcerers are divided in the ethics of using live humans for research. Lina adds after this that she is not "into it", which doesn't mean that she is against it. This gives the Slayers world a more three-dimensional quality (in the talk of ethics).

    • QUOTES (9)

      • (Lina has been explaining the story of Flagoon.)
        Lina: The swordsmen of light planted a holy tree here. And that tree grew to become the holy tree Flagoon that we know today.
        Gourry: I see.
        Lina: (glares at Gourry) You're the descendant of the swordsmen of light.
        Gourry: I guess maybe I recall something about that story being told a lot when I was a kid, but uh (boing noise) I NEVER PAID ATTENTION!
        Lina: You never pay attention!
        Amelia: Shh! They'll hear us.

      • Amelia: Oh my gosh, there's another Vrumugun?
        Gourry: They're twins? (Lina punches him)
        Vrumugun: Not exactly. (another Vrumugun appears)
        Zangulus: Vrumugun, you saved my life!
        Amelia: Now they're triplets?

      • Eruk: I couldn't believe Master Gourry would do anything like that. But she said he was under the control of the evil sorceress, Lina Inverse.
        Lina: Wow. Someone's out to get me.
        Gourry: Um, the evil sorceress part is uh-true.
        Lina: Knock it off!

      • Lina: (to Vrumugun) You're copies, aren't you.
        Gourry: What are copies?
        Lina: The same magic for making those chimeras we saw before, can let you use someone's blood to make as many copies as you want.
        Gourry: So, if someone really wanted to, they could make a hundred copies of you, Lina?
        Lina: Exactly.
        Gourry imagines a bunch of chibi-Linas running around yelling and eating.)
        Gourry: Ugggghh! Oh, the horror!
        Amelia: It could mean the end of the world!
        Lina: (teardrop sweat) Now, wait a minute, guys.

      • (Gourry lifts his lantern up to reveal a portrait of Rezo at the top of the first part of the stairs.)
        Gourry: Lina, look! It's-it's what's-his-name!

      • Amelia: Wow, I didn't know that you and Miss Lina knew Rezo the Red Priest.
        Lina: Oh, you have no idea, Amelia.
        Amelia: A wise man like him must have done so much to further the cause of justice.
        Gourry: Lina. So, Rezo...
        (Lina nods.)
        Gourry: Who is he?
        (Lina gasps and falls down.)
        Gourry: I know I've heard the name before but I can't seem to remember where. It's right here on the tip of my-
        Lina: (grabs Gourry's shirt at his neck) How dare you! Rezo, the Red Priest?! Don't you remember?! The guy nearly killed you, you moldly-brained zombie!
        Gourry: Oh.
        Lina: How in the world can you possibly forget a thing like that?

      • Eruk: Is it true that you look young, but you're actually 90 years old?
        Lina: What?! 90 years old?!
        Amelia: Figures.
        Gourry: Gee. You know, I never thought of it that way.
        Lina: It's not true! Where did you hear a ridiculous thing like that?!

      • Lina: Hello! I'm Lina!
        Amelia: And I'm Amelia!
        Eruk: (Gasp) Lina?! As in the notorious Lina Inverse?!
        Inner Lina: (in Chibi-form) Why do I always get that reaction?!

      • Gourry: You're starting to think like Lina, you know that, Amelia?
        Amelia: Don't you dare say that, Gourry! There are some things you don't say to people, even if it's only as a joke.
        Lina: What's wrong with how I think?
        Amelia: Hey, I'm not done talking to you!
        Lina: You listen to me!
        Amelia: No, me!

    • NOTES (4)

      • Enoki Films title: Get back! Rezo, the red monk returns

      • Character Debuts:

        Sylphiel Nels Rada - the shrine maiden who really likes Gourry. She specializes in white magic.

        Eris - she is assisting Rezo.

      • Zelgadis rejoins as a regular cast member.

      • Crispin Freeman replaces Dan Cronin as the part of Zelgadis; The same goes with Peter Davis, who replaces Charles Rolfe who voiced Rezo, the Red Priest, in earlier episodes.

        This guide will refer to this second incarnation of Rezo as "Copy Rezo" although in the English dub credits, he is credited as Rezo.

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