The Slayers - Season 1

Monday 9:30 AM on AT-X Premiered Apr 01, 1995 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Slayers: Excellent (OAV-1998)
    When Naga torches a tavern to get Lina's attention, the local townspeople demand that they make restitution by rescuing villagers lost in a labyrinth! Then, after seeing no profit in protecting the pampered Sirene Fitzmeier, Lina arranges a kidnapping to teach her a lesson. Unfortunately, she hands Sirene over to the wrong kidnappers! And, formal fashion designer Tatjana Dayward and unisex clothing maker Marty Lenford discover Naga and set out to make her the next fashion craze!moreless
  • Slayers: Gorgeous (MOVIE-1998)
    Lina Inverse and her sidekick Naga the Serpent are happily enjoying lunch when the entire town ducks under cover before an invasion of Marlene Culvert and her legion of bloodthirsty dragons. The cause of the invasion? Marlene is in a feud with her father, the king, over her allowance. Lina leaps into action to defend the village against Marlene, her tetrad knights and her dragons, but her dependable Dragon Slave spell fails her. Right when she thinks she has won, the real battle has just begun.moreless
  • Slayers: Great (MOVIE-1997)
    A grateful, but smitten Galia asks Lina to be a model for his work. Not to be outdone, Huey makes a similar request to Naga. The results are towering remote-controlled golemsiin the image of our favorite sorceresses! Huey gets all the proportions right, but Galia's taste is just weird. Adding insult to injury, Galia turns Lina into a magical battery pack! Officially, Lords Haizen and Granion commissioned these golems for a contest to determine the ruler of the city of Stoner. But the lords are secretly planning to use the golems as prototypes for an army of conquest! Can Lina and Naga save the city from tyranny?moreless
  • Slayers: Return (MOVIE-1996)
    Lina and Naga help the village of Biaz fight off an invasion.
  • Slayers: Book of Spells (OAV-1996)
    "The Scary Chimera Plan," Lina matches half-wits with Diol, a sorcerer who wants to incorporate her into the three-headed monster he's making. He's not much of an opponent until he produces 10 doppelgängers of Naga, complete with her grating laugh. Naga and Lina are hired to help a nerdish boy win his spurs in "Jeffrey's Knighthood." Their tutoring turns out to be completely unnecessary as Jeffrey's mother, Ms. Josephine, is a one-woman war machine capable of flattening any foe. In "Mirror, Mirror," the enchanted looking glass of a fabled sorcerer backfires on a would-be thief: it produces versions of Lina and Naga that are mirror images of them psychologically--cute, cowering, and helpful.moreless
  • Slayers (The Motion Picture) (MOVIE-1995)
    Lina and Naga visit a seaside town and get involved in a scuffle with a demon named Joyrock.
  • Zap! Victory Is Always Mine!
    It's the final showdown! Lina and Sylphiel race to reach the others with the Blessed Blade before Rezo succeeds in destroying the Flagoon tree.
  • Yes! A Final Hope: The Blessed Blade!
    Sylphiel retreats from the battle to work desperate healing magic on Lina's grievous wound. As the sorceress is recovering, Sylphiel recovers an ancient artifact that may be the party's only hope in defeating Rezo: the Blessed Blade.
  • X-DAY The Demon Beast Is Reborn!
    Rezo becomes fused with Zanaffar and vows to destroy the party, thus becoming more powerful than the original Rezo. The party once again throw themselves into a furious battle, but how can they compete with a demon created to battle Shabranigdo?
  • Warning! Eris' Wrath!
    Eris plans to use Rezo's tablet to summon Zanaffar, the demon responsible for destroying ancient Sairaag. The party enters a desperate battle to stop her.
  • Vice! The One Who Was Left Behind!
    While trying to discover Rezo's lost and mysterious legacy, the party encounters a strange chicken monster named Tiiba.
  • Upset! Gourry vs. Zangulus!
    The party reaches Rezo's laboratory and begin to make their way through the maze of corridors, unaware that Rezo, Eris, and Zangulus are in pursuit. When Lina and the others stumble into a trap, Gourry finds himself trapped in an arena to face off against Zangulus once and for all!
  • Trouble! Rahanimu, the Furious Fish Man!
    Lina and the gang prepare to go to Old Sairaag in order to find Rezo's laboratory and his legacy. On the way they encounter more monsters, including the fish man named Rahanimu, but this time he is a lot faster than his predecessor, and that may prove trouble for Lina.
  • Shock! Sairaag Falls!
    Faced against Rezo once again, Lina and the gang take Sylphiel's appearance as a chance to escape. Arguing over whether or not this Rezo is real, Lina leads everyone to the Sorcerers Guild. There they learn of the power a copy can hold. In the end, will it matter if he is a copy of not if they can't defeat him?moreless
  • Return! The Red Priest Is Back!
    Reaching their goal at last, Lina and the gang sneak into Sairagg, only to be seen by an old friend of Gourry's? And what's up with this "Gourry dear" nonsense this girl is spouting? Finally the person behind the wanted posters arrives!
  • Question? He's Proposing to THAT Girl?
    Lina, Gourry, and Amelia find themselves bombarded constantly by "would-be heroes", and things are only looking grimmer from there as they reach the port city, Sandoria. In order to throw off the many other "would-be heroes", who are trying to slay a sea dragon, the three of them dress up as "three loving and beautiful sisters". Unwillingly Gourry's charm reaches the sight of a man named Volun, who is set on making Gourry/Lala his wife?moreless
  • Passion! Shall We Give Our Lives for the Stage?
    Desperate for food, the gang stumbles upon a stew and a play? Now Lina, Gourry, and Amelia must avoid Zangulus and Vrumugun, all while keeping their covers AND staring in a play about..."the Death of the Abominable Fiend Lina Inverse"?
  • Oh no! Lina's Wedding Rhapsody?
    Lina is asked to marry a rich land owner in order to foil a fiendish sorceress' plot.
  • Navigation! An Invitation To Sairaag!
    Lina, Gourry, and Amelia battle bandits as well as Zangulus and Vrumugun as they make their way towards Sairaag.
  • Money! Knock Out Those Bounty Hunters!
    Seyruun holds an unpleasant surprise for Lina and Gourry when they discover their pictures on wanted posters. Due to her love of justice, Amelia turns into a most unexpected foe as she proceeds to try and capture them. As group after group tries to catch them for a reward, what will Lina and Gourry do to stop this onslaught?moreless
  • Lovely! Amelia's Magic Training!
    When Lina foils a highway robbery attempt, Amelia decides she wants Lina to teach her how to use the Dragon Slave spell. Lina is reluctant, and before long, Amelia receives a hard lesson in when and how to use magic.
  • Knock Out! The Seyruun Family Feud!
    A new adventure begins! Just when Lina and Gourry thought it was all over they get pulled into a feud within the Seyrunn Royal family. Prince Philionel and his brother ask for Lina's help to fight off a demon who has been attacking the villages lately. Meanwhile, Gourry finds himself babysitting the clutsy sorceress, Amelia. What are our heroes getting themselves into now???moreless
  • Jackpot! The Great Life or Death Gamble!
    Attack after attack has failed to penetrate the mighty Dark Lord Shabranigdo. Is there any hope left for our heroes? But at last, a light at the end of the darkness, the Giga Slave...
  • Rezo succeeds to resurrect the Dark Lord, Shabranigoodoo. However, Rezo's body is taken over by the Dark Lord against his plan.
  • Impact! The Eve of the Great Life or Death Struggle!
    Shabranigdo has been reborn! Now Lina and companion face the fiercest opponent in their world, Ruby Eyed Shabranigdo. In an attempt to kill him, Zolf foolishly casts the Dragon Slave on Shabranigdo, only to not only get himself killed, but Rodimus too! Alone now, Lina, Zelgadis and Gourry mull over how they will approach Ruby Eyed Shabranigdo, when the Dark Lord asks them to be his servants in exchange for their lives! What will Lina and her companions choose? Death or serving a tyrant?!moreless
  • 5/26/95
    On the run from Rezo, Lina and her companions help exchange their information on Rezo. When innocently walking down the street, Lina bumps into a little boy. Evily, Rezo turns the boy into stone, threatening to do the same to the entire village if they don't come to his tower. Lina and her companions have no choice but to listen to what Rezo says as his plan is at last revealed...moreless
  • All seems lost when more than two dozen creatures go after Zelgadis, and Zorom, of the Monster race, goes after Lina. Just where is Gourry when you need him?
  • Focus! Rezo's the Real Enemy?!
    Rezo is revealed as the true enemy, as Lina and Zelgadis find themselves running for their lives against their constant attackers. What exactly does Rezo want with the Philosopher's Stone?
  • Regaining consciousness, Lina finds herself at the mercy of Zelgadis and his followers. Zelgadis lets Zolf do whatever he wants with Lina, once he finds out that Lina gave Gourry the Orihalcon Statue to protect. In a series of failed attempts at torturing Lina, Zolf sends in a most mysterious character. He has many of the features of a human, except that his body is of a fish?moreless
  • Shocked by the sudden news of the true goals of Zelgadis, Lina attempts to explain the legend of Shabranigdo to Gourry. As they once again resume their travels to Atlas City, Lina confesses that she will be unable to use her magic for a few days. And it couldn't have come at a worse time as Zelgadis and his men close in...moreless
  • Lina finds herself facing several interesting propositions dealing with the treasure she took from the Dragon Fangs. When a masked man, Zelgadis, offers to pay her whatever is required for him to get his hands on the treasure, she turns into a business tyrant, providing ridiculous prices from the items she stole. This, however, won't blow over well, as Zelgadis is found to be a force not to be reckoned with...moreless
  • 4/14/95
    Lina and Gourry, having successfully run away from the town that Lina destroyed, now find themselves hunted down by a remaining member of the Dragon Fang. He is Zolf, a man wrapped in bandages, due to a fireball from Lina. This "Mummy Man" is out to capture a priceless item that Lina stole, and is out also for revenge. Will he succeed? Or will Lina give him a dose of her power?moreless
  • Lina Inverse encounters a mercenary named Gourry while fighting off a bandit gang called the Dragon Fangs. They decide to travel together to Atlas City, but first they must defeat the bandits' pet dragon!
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