The Slayers

Season 1 Episode 19

Shock! Sairaag Falls!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Aug 11, 1995 on AT-X

Episode Recap

Lina and company argue among themselves if it's the real Rezo. He then picks a fight with them, and Lina, Amelia and Zelgadis do a protection barrier spell. Thanks to a protective barrier Sylphiel places, they escape from Rezo's clutches. Once they reach a resting place (in some old ruins) everyone introduces themselves to each other find out about the chimera, the Seyrunn Princess, and Gourry's friend who have entered into Lina and Gourry's group. Back to their argument about whether or not this Rezo is the real one, Lina decides to take everyone to the Sorcerer's Guild where they can learn some more about copies. Zelgadis tells them he'll do some researching of his own. When they reach the Guild an old man and his apprentice are there. He tells them that, in theory, all of the experiences and strengths can be passed on to a copy. However, he woefully adds that he has no specimens to check the theory with as master swordsmen don't "grow on trees". After a scuffle, Sylphiel steals a lock of Gourry's hair exclaiming that it would be wonderful to have more of Gourry around. In revenge, Gourry steals a lock of Lina's hair. Because the old sorcerer said it would take a day and a night, they speed up the process, which makes their clones ultra little. The small Gourry and Lina clones show the real Gourry and Lina's personality by exclaiming that they are hungry. More clones of Lina and Gourry start to appear and the two forces fight like the real Lina and Gourry. In the end the chibi Linas win. Soon after, the machine blows up because they overloaded it. They run for it, and meet Zelgadis the next day. Zelgadis reveals that Rezo had made a sealed lab in the old ruins of Sairaag, a city that is ultra dangerous. Sylphiel wanted to tell her father, so together they head at night for Sairagg. There, they are attacked by Rezo, Eris and Zangulus. Gourry goes up against Zangulus and Zelgadis goes against Rezo, telling Amelia to not interfere. Rezo hardly flinches at the greatest of Zel's attacks, and instead starts to power up a huge spell. Feeling the horrible spell Rezo was about to cast, Zelgadis sets up a wind barrier, Sylphiel sets up a protective barrier, Amelia sets up levitation, and Lina reinforces the wind barrier. They fly up when Rezo unleashes the spell. The spell (appears to be a huge Mega Brando) destroys half of the city of Sairaag. Sylphiel screams when she sees that her father must have died (he was in the city). In the end, will it matter if he is a copy of not if they can't defeat him?