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The Slayers

Season 2 Episode 7

Sudden Cooking! Follow the Phantom Dragon!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM May 17, 1996 on AT-X
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Episode Summary

Sudden Cooking! Follow the Phantom Dragon!
After being deprived of good eating due to the crazy princess, Martina, Lina and the gang set out to have the meal of a lifetime: Dragon Cuisine! Talk about working hard to put bread-er-dragon on the table!

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  • Nothing spectacular, but it was funny

    This episode did not have anything spectacular happen in it, but that didn't mean it did not have its moments. It was another humorous comedy episode involving Lina Inverse and her band of merry idiots. This time they crave dragon cuisine for some ridiculous reason. With help with some wierd chef, they go hunting for lake dragon. More of the usual hijinks occur, such as they forgot an anchor so Zel gets used as one instead, and then he gets mouth to mouth from the old guy, too funny, and then Gourry gets used as bait. Oh and Xellos just watches all of it from afar. Nothing spectacular happens here, but its another funy installment, worth it for the laughs.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Ashford: Killing a Dragon

      Ashford: Secret Strike! The Shooting Star Cleaver Slash!

      As elaborate as it sounds, it truly is just Ashford using a kitchen knife on a dragon.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Ashford: Oh god! God of cookery, give me strength.(Pulls out knife) Secret strike! Shooting Star Cleaver Slash!

    • Amelia: For the sake of justice, we must travel on!
      Lina: Justice is ME getting to eat Dragon Cuisine! Come on, guys!

    • Ashford: Well you'd have to bury it in the ground for three months to leech out the poison out of the meat or you'd die.
      Lina: Fine! I'll die! I'm eating it! I don't care!

    • Lina: So... He got all sentimental on you, huh?
      Amelia: Yeah, he said I looked like his dead dau-
      Lina: Yeah, yeah. He told me I looked like his dead daughter.
      Gourry: And I look like his dead adopted son-in-law!
      Zelgadis: Yeah, and as for me... He said I looked like his delicate, young, beautiful wife!

    • Lina: No choice. We'll have to have to use SOMEthing in replace of the anchor. Hm... Say, Zel, how much do you weigh?
      Zelgadis: Why are you asking me that?

    • Lina: Take me to your chef!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Shooting Star Cleaver Slash
      Shooting Star is the name of one of the main dragons in the 1990 fantasy RPG anime series, Record of Lodoss War.