The Slayers

Season 2 Episode 23

The Menacing Swordsman! A Journey of Reunion!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Sep 06, 1996 on AT-X
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The Menacing Swordsman! A Journey of Reunion!
While going to Sairaag, Lina takes her anger out of some bandits, and someone hiding in back of a bush, who turned out to be Sylphiel. Sylphiel has no doubts on going with them (including Martina-- but she has something else in mind, non-revenge on Lina) and questions Lina about her relationship with Gourry. Lina gives her answer like she did with the first season, is until Gourry decides to give her the sword of light, they will be off (despite Sylphiel liking Gourry.) They are then attacked by a guy, who has the Sword of Light. They fight him off, and joining the fight is Zangulus. Lina manages to use the Laguna Blade against this skilled swordsmen, only to find out it's Gourry behind it.moreless

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  • On their way to Sairaag, Lina and company reunite with some familiar well as encounter a mysterious swordsman bearing the Sword of Light! Who is he and how is he so powerful?moreless

    It was interesting seeing some familiar faces from the first season, and also a return to the city of Sairaag, which was destryoyed, but seems to have returned!

    Also, when watching this episode, I instinctively guessed who the incredibly powerful, Sword of Light-Wielding swordsman was...

    But this was one of those situations where I wish I wasn't correct about something...

    Poor Gourry...poor Lina...poor Sylphiel...poor everyone!
Yumi Touma

Yumi Touma


Recurring Role

Stacia Crawford

Stacia Crawford


Recurring Role

Vinnie Penna

Vinnie Penna

Hellmaster Phibrizzo

Recurring Role

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    • (Sylphiel asks if the reappearance of Sairaag has anything to do with Hellmaster taking Gourry)
      Lina: I think it might. That's why I just can't stay away from this.
      Sylphiel: Then for dear Gourry, I'll use violence, money, sex appeal. I'm willing to use any means to rescue dear Gourry from Hellmaster.
      Lina: You'll use money and what on Hellmaster?!
      Sylphiel: Let's go, Miss Lina, to Sairaag.
      Lina: Oh. No use talking you out of this?

    • Lina: (voiceover while she dries her face) They say, "Feed a dog for three days, and you get attached to him." Huh.
      (Lina giggles.)
      Lina: (voiceover while she brushes her hair) It's not so surprising. I've been with Gourry for a year and a half. We beat the Dark Lord together, and Copy Rezo too. We joined a theater group. I even got to dress him up like a girl. We've had enough adventures for three lifetimes. Maybe I just got used to him being with me all the time? But still, I never thought his being gone would affect me so much. (tears drop on her lap)
      Lina: What? Why am I…why am I crying? (cries more)

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