The Slayers

Season 3 Episode 26

TRY Again! When All Returns to White!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Sep 26, 1997 on AT-X



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    • Enoki Films Title: Try again! Everything is back into the brilliant light!!

    • During the ending song, the actions of the various Slayers members are shown while the credits role. In order, this is what is shown:

      Filia is revealed to have started a shop that sells bludgeoning weapons and vases, as well as having employed Jillas and, somehow, Gravos. She is shown speaking to them about something, with Valgaav's egg in a basket nearby.

      Amelia is shown signing many official documents, presumably finally beginning the work she was originally going to be sent into the Outer World to do by the various kingdoms of the Inner World.

      Zelgadis is depicted wandering through rocky badlands, presumably having gone in search of his elusive cure. As he stops to take a drink, it is revealed that his canteen has picked up some decoration; one of Amelia's bracelets.

      Xellos is shown talking with a mysterious woman, undoubtedly his creator/master Zelas, and apparently embarrased or in trouble, from his behavior.

      Gourry and Lina are shown enjoying one of their usual extensive feasts, before they end up walking off together.

    • ending song of this episode:

      Somewhere in the world
      Somewhere in the dark
      I can hear the voice that calls my name
      Might be a memory
      Might be my future
      Might be a love waiting for me

      Rock me gently
      Hug me tenderly
      'Til the morning breaks, night fades away
      I've spent my time in vain
      Trapped inside pain
      Don't let me down
      Help me see the light

      Feeling bitter and twisted all along
      Wading through an empty life too long
      I close my eyes
      Listen to the wind
      Longing to belong to a higher place

      Let me hear your voice
      Let me be with you
      When the shadow falls down upon me
      Like a bird singing
      Like a breeze blowing
      It's calling me
      Somewhere in the world

      Somewhere in the world...

    • Filia is last seen opening a shop with jars, not to surprise if the viewer remember, she liked the jar that she took in earlier of the episodes.

    • Known to be the last episode of the Slayers series. The creator then moved on it's "spin-off" Lost Universe which had a parallel connection to the show (with either Dark Star or Vophied.)

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