The Slayers

Season 1 Episode 25

Yes! A Final Hope: The Blessed Blade!

Aired Monday 9:30 AM Sep 22, 1995 on AT-X
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Sylphiel retreats from the battle to work desperate healing magic on Lina's grievous wound. As the sorceress is recovering, Sylphiel recovers an ancient artifact that may be the party's only hope in defeating Rezo: the Blessed Blade.

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    Stacia Crawford

    Stacia Crawford


    Recurring Role

    Yumi Touma

    Yumi Touma


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    Peter Davis (II)

    Peter Davis (II)

    Copy Rezo

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Sylphiel: Resurrection

        In this episode, Sylphiel was forced to perform this spell on Lina to save her life. It takes energy from the nature or life surrounding the area of where it is being cast.

        However, this spell should not be confused with something that would bring someone back from the dead. It is merely much more power than a Recovery spell. This is why Sylphiel had to perform CPR on Lina in order to get her heart beating BEFORE casting the spell.

      • Goof: Amelia casts a Dark Mist spell on Copy Rezo/Zanaffar, however it should have been realized that it would be ineffective for a man who has his eyes closed more than half the time.

      • Goof: The word "pretty" is misspelled in "Pritty Lina's Magic Lecture".

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Sylphiel: Um, Miss Lina? Didn't you ever do any crazy things when you were little?
        Lina: Uh... Heh-heh-heh... Don't ask...

      • Lina: Let's get something perfectly straight. It's MY fault that I got hurt saving you, understand?! Let's make sure we know who the heroine is in this story.

      • Zelgadis: Once you've surpassed Rezo, then what are you going to do? Where do you think you can go from there?
        Copy Rezo: There is nothing beyond that. As long as I can kill Lina Inverse, whatever comes next doesn't matter to me!

      • Chibi Lina: "Hey, Lina's barely in this episode! What happened to Lina Inverse? Give Lina some lines!" That's what you're thinking, right? So, for all of you with Lina withdrawal, here's Pretty Lina's Magic Lecture!
        Zelgadis: Everlasting flame of blue, let the power hidden in my soul be called forth here from the infinite! Rah Tilt!
        Chibi Lina: Okay, this "Rah Tilt" thing you just saw Zelgadis use? It's the strongest attack from the Astral Plane and it's powerful as the Dragon Slave! (zoom in on Zelgadis using Rah Tilt) Here! Right at this point! When such a highly-concentrated blast of magic hits the opponent, while it doesn't do anything to a human, it's devestating to a Monster! For Monsters with much larger astral bodies than humans, it can mean a violent end to their lives.
        Zelgadis: Remember, this is dangerous, kids, so don't try it at home!
        Chibi Lina and Chibi Gourry: Why not?

      • Gourry: What we need here is that spirit spell with all the... spirit!

      • Gourry: Prince Philionel?!
        Amelia: Daddy?!
        (Phil gallops past on a horse)
        Gourry: Too bad. I was ready for the show to be over.
        Zelgadis: Well, they can't let these episodes be serious for too long.

      • Gourry: Who's the delicate soul here?
        Amelia: Hey, that's mean, Mister Gourry!
        Gourry: And pointing fingers is impolite!
        Amelia: Oh, I almost forgot. This creepy-looking guy is Zelgadis.
        Zelgadis: You're pointing.

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