The Sleepover Club

Season 1 Episode 26

End Of An Era

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Jan 01, 2004 on Nickelodeon



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    • Frankie: Who's that?
      Rosie: Oh... it's dad, he wants me to get some milk.
      Lyndz: Okay...

    • Frankie: Whats in that bag?
      Rosie: Midnight feast supplies.
      Lyndz: Marshmellows?
      Kenny: Definatly.
      Fliss: Jelly beans?
      Rosie: Of course.
      Frankie: Chocolate?
      Rosie: Three mega blocks.
      Lyndz: We'll were have to take it to a vote... all of those in favour of Kenny and Rosie coming back in the sleepover club....raise your hand.

    • (Outside church at Andy and Nicky's wedding)
      Nicky: Ready? (about to throw bouquet)
      Kenny: I'm sorry, but as a feminist, I find this offensive.
      Frankie: Just think of it as healthy sporting competition Kenny.
      Nicky: 1...2...3 (throws flowers and Rosie catches them) Rosie you're next!
      Rosie: Maybe in 20 years or so.

    • (After Kenny is hit by a soccer ball) Liam: I'm really sorry, are you okay? Kenny: (getting up) Why don't you watch what... (Kenny's imagination- Liam: Stand back nurse, there's only one way to save this patient. I'm going to have to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation) Kenny: Yeah..I'm fine. Liam: Are you sure? What day is it? Kenny: Saturday. Liam: How many fingers am I holding up? Kenny: Three. Liam: Who does Harry Kewell play for? Kenny: Liverpool, left midfield or wing. Liam: Well done! Nothing wrong with you then. Frankie: Yeah, no thanks to you!

    • (In Rosie's imagination)
      Rosie: Donovan I can't go on. Go ahead and get help.
      Scott: Debbie, I can't leave you.
      Rosie: You must! It's our only chance of survival.
      Scott: I'll come back for you Debbie.

    • Matthew: Surprise Party? What for? Surprise! I have no life.
      Michael: Surprise! I'm hanging out with losers.
      Marco: Surprise! ah...Surprise?

  • Notes

    • First airs at 2:30pm in Adelaide, 1st of Jan. Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania at 4pm. Darwin, Perth, and Brisbane at 4pm on the 2nd of Jan.

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