The Sleepover Club

Nickelodeon (ended 2007)


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  • the sleepover club

    the sleepoverclub is so so so so funny the first season was great but the second season is beter coz on one it so u some dance moves [ha ha] [oh i hate reviews so so so so much] any way bac 2 da sleep over club and i love the theme tune [ha ha] i like maddie coz she in to sports nd so am i [not liein] ok then chairle then brooke then jess then talyor i hate fashion and datz y talyor at the end coz she lyks fashion okaay then got to go bi bi todales bi
  • This show is about 5 girls who form a sleepover club and try to beat the m+m's.

    In Season one, the sleepover club includes Frankie(the leader), Kenny(sporty girl), Fliss(girlie girl), Lyndz(fat girl who likes horses) and Rosie(likes writing for the school paper).There are three boys, Matthew, Micheal and Marko. They are the mortal enemies of the sleepover club called the M+M's. Matthew is the leader of the M+M's.
    In Season two, i don't know what happens becuase i ahven't watched it and don't know when it is going to be on in Australia. I really don't care anyway. People are saying that season two is a complete copy of season one. And the season two girls aren't cool. There ugly!
  • Good show, but not the best.

    This was a good show, and yes it had some original idea of Sleepover Club, but the producers didn\'t take advantage of it.

    Some of the episodes were sooo boring, really, it was really a complete waste of time. While some of the episodes were really good.

    The characters are okay, especially Fliss, haha, yep, show wouldn\'t be good without her and Kenny too. Don\'t forget the M&Ms. Just as I said, it had some good idea, but it wasn\'t used in the right direction. So, I\'m sorry the show had to end like this, but, was there any other way?
  • hmmmmmmm pretty cool!ust to love it!...

    hmmmmmmm pretty cool!ust to love it!iremember when i first rented the vid for this show and then kept renting them for the first season it's a pretty cool show ummmmm it's good like how they put it and stuff ummm i don't really watch that much australian tv but this show beats some of the australian shows i've seen!i like this show up against probably blue water high not sure havn't really seen blue water high but the stuff that i've ehard and that it sounds cool.ummmmmmm yeah so i don't really know wat else to say ummmm hmmmm ummy ummy oh ok i have more than 100 words yay!lol.bye.see ya next time!
  • five girls who form a club, where they sleep by each other, challenge their enemies, the M&M's, tackle obstacles together, and in the process develop a friendship that will last a lifetime.

    the sleepover club is an excellent tv show. it is very interesting and i think that it should be aired on television.

    it\'s about five girls who form a club and sleep by each other but also help and comfort each other when problems arise. they also band together to defend themselves against their enemies, the M&M\'s.

    i watch the show every chance i get and i think if you sit understand the show then you would also fall in love with it. there is no doubt in my mind that this show is one of the greatest tv shows ever made.
  • This was a good show for the short time it lasted.

    I will admit that I started watching The Sleepover Club to full-fill my obsession of Caitlin Stasey (Frankie Thomas), but after a few days of watching this show, I started to enjoy the whole show. It was well written, and there are many funny points in it.
    I know that this show will not return, because the stars have gone on to do other work, but it would be good.
  • This show is actually quite good but not the best thing in the world! I enjoyed the series for a few months but now i watch it now and again.

    A mediocre show, with very funny moments (but there should be more of them). It's something that would appeal to girls more than boys. Some of the acting is a bit bad but there are some talents (Eliza Taylor Cotter is quite remarkable at times). My favourite character is Lyndz!!
  • This show ain't bad, but its not something I would watch that much. READ.........

    The Sleepover Club is about five girls who have fun together and sleep over at each others houses. The only problem is I think they may be trying to be a comedy - wheres the funny? This show isn't very funny for tweens. It has original episode ideas but doesn't pack a punch. I wouldn't be that sad if I never saw the show again. I never watch the show much although I thought the first episode was a good introducton to the show. This show will not keep you on the edge of your seat that much. My advice, maybe you shouldn't bother with it but if you like the idea check it out.