The Smoking Room

BBC Three (ended 2005)





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  • The Smoking Room is comedy at its simplest. One location and a handful of characters, but still the laughs come thick and fast.

    It seems like an obvious idea. Now that smoking is only second to murder on society\'s list of misdemeanours, the brave few who still light up in the staff smoking room have more than the Health Police to contend with.

    This group of misfits recall The Office without David Brent. There is no stand out character who demands attention as soon as they enter. Characters drfit in and out, sometimes making an impression, but more often than not just making a boring observation and getting lemonade from the drinks machine when they really wanted coffee.

    The situations revolve around office gossip and moments of \'drama\' in the smoking room. How many sitcoms have a storyline involving a wasp getting in? Or a crossword being done? But despite the lack of excitement in The Smoking Room, there is certainly no lack of laughs.