The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 14

Season 2, Episode 14

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 1967 on CBS



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    • Norm: (pushing a cart full of apples) Apples, get your apples here..only ten thousand dollars an apple...
      Dick: Hey, wait a minute, are you crazy? Ten thousand dollars? How can you make a living selling apples for ten thousand dollars?
      Norm: Hey, all I gotta do is sell one!

    • Norm Crosby: (quoting Romeo and Juliet) Comest down from from yon balcony. Avant..avant..(looks to audience smiling) Shakespeare...Juliet says "What do you vant?" He says, "Avant you to come down!"

    • Pat Paulsen: We say it's time to reexamine this whole social security program. It all started back in 1932. They said it would take care of our old people. Now, we've been paying into it all this time...35 years...and what good has it done? There's more old people now than when it started.

    • Pat Paulsen: Today, in America, according to a recent sustistic the average couple living on social security receives about fifteen hundred... dollars a year...We think this is a disgrace. Why should they get that much? They don't work...they just sit around doing nothing. If they were fifty years younger they'd be called hippies.

    • Tom: (while singing Never On A Sunday) Ah, Greece, Greece, Greece...(to his guitar) play greasy fingers!

  • Notes

    • When the Smothers Brothers re-aired these episodes on the E! Network, they mislabeled this episode as having aired on April 28, 1968. It may have re-run on that date, but IMDB, the SmoBroEpGuide, the guide, and the Smothers' own official website show the original air date as December 10, 1967.

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