The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 6

Season 2, Episode 6

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Tom starts out telling the audience that the previous week, he and Dick had been watching the Carol Burnett Show and that they had noticed that she had a really handsome announcer. So they thought that to appeal their own audience, they would try the same thing. Tom asks Dick to help introduce their new "handsome" announcer, which he does, and out walks a tall, voluptuous, blond woman named Roxanne who appears to not be able to keep her eyes open. Tom explains that they were up late going over script changes when Dick interupts saying that there weren't any script changes. Tom quickly hushes Dick. Dick gives in and asks the new announcer to do her job, which she does with enthusiastically, so much so that Tom jumps into her arms and gives her a kiss.

Peter Cullen introduces the show's guests, musical duo Simon and Garfunkel, making their second appearance on the Comedy Hour, comedian and actor Ronnie Schell, regular Pat Paulsen, singer Kate Smith, along with the Jimmy Joyce Singers, the Louis DaPron Dancers, and Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra.

The opening number is Dick with the Louis DaPron dancers, doing the soft-shoe dressed in black tuxedo with tails, black white-tipped canes and top hats, dancing to Dick singing Me And My Shadow. As Dick sings the song, what appears to be his shadow is dancing behind him, only as the song progresses, the shadow goes crazy and Dick has Nelson Riddle stop the music. Dick yells at the person behind the screen, wanting the person back there to identify themselves. A low voice says "The Shadow", mimicking the voice that was heard on the radio serial. Of course it's Tom. Dick is all upset because it was supposed to be his solo number for their mom to watch but Tom said it was real boring and needed help. Dick says Tom can help but has to behave. Tom says okay only when the number starts again, the shadow comes out wearing bunny ears. Dick stops the music again and is really upset but Tom says that the number is flat. Dick gives Tom one more chance and when it starts up again, we see the shadow of Roxanne appear. Tom throws down the cane and top hat as a dancer brings out an apple box for Tom to stand on, allowing him to embrace Roxanne while Dick gives up and goes back to the song. Tom pulls down a curtain to hide what they are doing as Dick hits his big finale.

Dick introduces "The Voice Of Music" Kate Smith, who sings The Splendor Of You. After the song, Tom compliments Kate on her inspired singing style which they talk about. Kate says Tom could sing that way too and they go into a sketch where Kate "teaches" Tom to sing the song You Never Walk Alone inspirationally. Of course, Tom takes all that Kate says too literally and when she tells him to embrace the audience with his singing, he walks into the audience, finds a pretty woman and embraces her.

Next up, Dick introduces "America's Slowest Rising Young Comedian," Ronnie Schell, who talks a bit first with Dick, reminding him that it was he who gave them their start, there funniest line, "Mom always liked you best" and actually gave them his mom, whom he never got back. Ronnie does a pantomime of a young boy who sees a "butter fry" for the first time, capturing it, and then eating it. Next, Ronnie does some of the stand-up that he is known for. He follows this with another pantomime, this time to a song about love, only he sings to himself in the mirror, which he dedicates to some of the insecure Hollywood types that he's met.

Tom introduces Simon and Garfunkel in their second appearance on the show. They perform their hit song Homeward Bound, which would hit #5 nationally, as well as what Paul Simon calls a brand new song he just finished, Overs, a terribly depressing song about a marriage that is breaking up, a surprising song to feature on network television. S&G perform both songs with no accompaniment other than Simon's guitar.

Next is a sketch featuring Kate Smith as a "Sargent" in a Salvation Army type group who are working a park looking for converts. As they march through the park they sing the Beatle song Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The band is made up of Kate as the Sargent and leader of the group, occasional cast member Gino Conforti on trombone, Ronnie Schell playing the triangle, Dick Smothers smashing the cymbals, Leigh French playing a tamborine followed by Tom Smothers banging a big bass drum. As they march around and around the park, every time Dick crashes the cymbals Gino falls to the ground. As Kate starts to preach, Tom bangs on the drum shouting "Wake up wicked world" over a park bench. As the banging continues, a drunk sleeping under newspapers on the bench wakes up, hitting his head on the bass drum. The drunk is played by Pat Paulsen, who in the next five minutes, gets preached to relentlessly by everyone. Tom decides to work on the drunk himself, only in demonstrating drinking, he gets drunk himself. Kate is sad that she's failed and lost Thomas, but Tom says she hasn't lost him, she's gained a bum, which sets the whole troop off in one final chorus as Pat tries to get his bottle back.

After the break, Tom and Dick, still banging their bass drum and cymbals, thank the night's guest stars, introduce the following week's guests, and have to run as the show has gone long.