The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 6

Season 2, Episode 6

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1967 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Unusual for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour's musical guests, Simon and Garfunkel perform their two songs, Homeward Bound and Overs, with just one acoustic guitar and no other orchestral backup.

  • Quotes

    • Tom: You know last week Dickie and I were watching the Carol Burnett show and we felt that one of the highlights of the many highlights of that show was the spot Carol does with her cute announcer.
      Dick: No, Tommy, he's not cute...handsome.
      Tom: You kinda like him too, huh?

    • Dick: (after expecting a male announcer to walk out on stage) Tommy this is a girl!
      Tom: (condescending) Very good, Dick. We start you on finger paints tomorrow and block building.

    • Dick: (pointing to new female announcer's head) Look at her, Tommy, her eye's are all sleepy!
      Tom: (looking up and down her quite shapely body) Yeah, but the rest of her is wide awake!

    • Tom: (complementing Kate Smith on her singing style) When she sings Climb Every Mountain, thousands of people across the United States put on their hiking boots.

    • Ronnie: I really can't tell you what a pleasure it is and, uh, an unusual privilege for me personally, uh, to be working...

    • Kate Smith: (preaching to a drunk on a park bench) Do you know the evils of alcohol..what they can do? You know you can take a little worm and you can put him in a glass of water, and he will live. But you take that same little worm, and you put him into whiskey..and what happens? He dies..immediately. Now what does that tell you, brother?
      Pat Paulsen: (with slurred speech) If I keep drinking I'll never get worms?

  • Notes

    • Kate Smith almost walked off the show after reading an early sketch idea which had her portraying Oliver Hardy to Tom Smothers' Stan Laurel. In a script meeting, she demanded to know who wrote the piece and junior writer Bob Einstein (aka Super Dave) raised his hand. She stormed from the room and had to be persuaded to return to the show, being promised that the script idea would be abandoned. That same idea would be resurrected years later only with Dom DeLuise in the roll of Oliver Hardy.

  • Allusions

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