The Smothers Brothers Show

CBS (ended 1966)


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  • great show

    I remember this hilarious show very well! This show was full of humor and entertainment at the same time. I do miss watching it and as a normal online shopper, I found web site very user-friendly and very easy to navigate. The Smothers Brothers DVD set I ordered from this company came in excellent condition. It was also delivered very quickly. DVDBooth keeps you updated on the status of your order and makes sure that your DVDs arrived just as promised. The quality is not high definition but it's entirely watchable! Nice video and sound quality. No complaints at all and will confidently deal with this seller again!
  • Before they were known for much of anything more than guests on programmes like THE JACK PAAR SHOW,, the young Smothers starred in this forgotten supernatural sit com. In it, Tom 's ghost haunts Dick while waiting his angel status.

    Tom and Dick Smothers carried their act into a short term black and white sitcom, rarely seen or remembered today. In it, Tom is lost at sea in a wreck, but land lubber brother Dick doesn't mourn him long, as Tom's spirit returns to him. This "Topper"-like story has a twist, though, wheras the Kirbys haunted Topper just to get spooky kicks by causing problems for him, Tom has a possible redemption if he can pull off a good deed, and qualify him for angel wings. He latches on to his hapless brother, trying to give an unseen (to everyone but Dick) hand, but even posthumusly, he's a bungler, usually getting Dick into trouble with his boss, Roland Winters. This was a harmless show, if not a bit on the sad side, but there is one episode that was memorably creepy, and I still recall it. Tom can be seen if he wants to be, and some bizarre circumstance led him to put an old lady wig and dress on, and go to the old men's rest home. The geezers instantly flip at the sight of Tom's transvestite charms, and paw him and try to dance with him and he starts to like it! Did the writers have a score to settle with poor Tom? Maybe it's best left forgotten.
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