The Snorks

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  • Season 4
    • My Dinner with Allstar
      Allstar finds a golden lamp, and Bigweed swipes it from him. A giant genie pops out and sucks them in a vortex. They enter a Wonderland where they hear cheerful music from a tuner fish. Then, a smidgen with a GIANT appetite follows them and they get sucked in a slow motion tide. When they get out, they meet the Genie and they run into a cave with the Tunerfish. Bigweed rests in a whale's mouth and they run when they realize that and falls into another vortex. They land in a place of mirrors where Bigweed steals Allstar's lamp. They break out, only to see that the tunerfish has brought them seahorses. Allstar and Bigweed come to a kelpburger stand. They meet a weird maitre 'd who gets them free food, but he's out of everything. When they eat, they put the lamp togteher, but a crab takes it apart. Bigweed grabs the piece out of the crab's claws. They find out that some of these creatures have been chasing them because of the lamp. They dress up as harem girls to see what is up. The maitre d' is the genie indeed, Allstar and Bigweed are uncovered and they are trapped in the restaurant. Allstar comes up with a plan to put the Genie back in the lamp. The moment the genie gets back in the lamp, the whole world goes in the lamp with him, and the two adventurers are sent back home. For the first time, Allstar and Bigweed have worked together on something and acomplished many things.moreless
    • All That Glitters is Not Goldfish
      Casey and Jo-Jo plan to surprise Corky with a vacation and Corky thinks the worst. Casey and Jo-Jo explain the concept of time-off to Corky so that he acn have some fun in his life. Casey gets on Corky for being too cautious and uptight. They decide on a picnic in the tycoons. While on their picnic, a tattered Egyptian snork needs help. Prince Eli, the tattered Snork, had a powerful empire until his evil sister Alexandra stole his scepter and took over Seagypt. Corky, Jo-Jo and Casey enlist to help him get his kingdom back. Eli and the Snorks get through some serious booby traps to get through the pyramid and get his scepter back. They go to confront Eli's sister and Eli and Alexandra get into a magical fight. When they get into the dungeon, Eli turns evil. Alexandra tells the truth about Eli, and it turns out that he was the mean seed after all. Corky comes in and they get together to pull off a plan to get Eli's power away from him so that justice can be served.moreless
    • Wish or Wish Out
      Wish or Wish Out
      Episode 34
      A sneaky Snail comes to town to sell his ware. Junior's brother, Willie, is discouraged because he is too little to go on the rides and stuff. Casey is discouraged as well because she seems to have a boring life. Allstar wishes he had a life like Occy. On cue, the Snailsman comes up and tries to sell stuff. He brings out a wishing pearl, a trinket that can only grant one wish. All of the get their wishes, and one by one they start to feel very successful. Then Willie starts to feel too big to do anything, Casey starts to feel the pressures of being a superhero, and Allstar gets in trouble with a dog fish catcher. Allstar then finds out that being a dog isn't all that it is cracked up to be. The Snailsman then gives them one pearl, and Casey and Willie starts fighting over it. Allstar then makes a wish for all of them back to normal.moreless
    • The First Snork in Space
      Casey gets out her telescope for a famous starfish, and notices a flash in the sky. She investigates and finds a flying saucer. An alien named Molly from Seaturn is looking for a root that happens to be in Snorkeater terratory. On the word "reward", Lil' Aeaweed pops up again and goes into the ship to find treasure. Casey and Molly get the root and the Snorkeaters come after them. Molly helps her out and they go back to the spaceship. They find Lil's Seaweed and they accidentally get launched in space! On the way to Molly's planet, a bunch of sea pirates try to zap them out of the air. They get caught in a meteor shower and take a smooth fall. Luckily, they land in front of a gas station and a dance hall. They find a fabled bird fish and Molly needs a bird feather for her potion. They pull off when the crowd gets ruly and Molly tells them that they need some sort of formula for the potion. She visits a hermit for help, and finds out that he needs something sweet to eat from a cavern of nectar. When they get the nectar, Lil' Seaweed eats it. To make amends, Lil' Seaweed gives him her candy bar and they get the formula. Molly gets back to her planet in time to help her father and they get some serious treasure. Lil' Seaweed tries to take it all back, but the weight wears out the engine in the spaceship. Casey and Lil' Seaweed fight over whose fault it is and brings up the Starfish. They use the starfish to get home, and they run into the pirate ship. Casey gives up every last jewel so they can get home.moreless
    • The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth
      It's Casey's birthday and everyone has brought a present, except Junior who wants to sell his toys. Casey's mad because of how Junior acts all the time. Allstar tells how Junior used to be mice and respectful. Allstar tells everyone how Junior used to be so shy that he would run away or get laughed at. Junior used to be picked on by a big bully named Moose and Allstar feels sorry for him and comes to his defense.moreless
    • I'll Be Senior
      I'll Be Senior
      Episode 31
      Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed are at it again. This time, they are after a white kelp in a shark country for a potion to take over Snorkland. They steal the kelp and put a phony one in its place. Meanwhile, Junior finds an ad to make big money and Grandpa Wetworth finds an ad as well. Junior and Grandpa have a race, Junior wins and brags about his youth. Grandpa thinks that he is too old to live and is very insecure about himself. Casey tells him that he needs to have some fun in his life, so she and Allstar take him to a snorkboard park. That falls through, and Grandpa threatens to go to an old snorks' home. Grandpa meets an old snork named Rose. Meanwhile, the bombs that Bigweed made turns everyone into babies! Meanwhile, Junior visits Grandpa and Rosie and they go into town where they notice the baby mayhem. They notice that Bigweed has taken over and Grandpa tries to get the seniors together to stop him. He gives the old people spirit and the verve that they need to come up with a big plan. They use the gas to get back at the Sea Urchins. Junior learns a lesson in lowering prices and Grandpa learns that you are as young as you feel.moreless
    • The Story Circle
      The Story Circle
      Episode 30
      The Snorks are playing video games at Grandpa Wetworth's house when the power goes out. Grandpa suggests a game of Story Circle, where the players make up their own outcomes of a story.
    • Oh Brother!
      Oh Brother!
      Episode 29
      Dr. Strangesnork is up to no good again. This time, he has invented a freezerator. Galeo invents a big telescope with a powerful range. Strangesnork and Galeo have it out about how they have always never got along. Strangesnork reveals that Galeo has always stolen his ideas and all that. Galeo tells another story, about how he wanted to be like Strangesnork for a science fair. Galeo invents glue and his brother scoffs at him, But not the science teacher. Galeo's glue is a hit and Strangesnork's invention is a miss. In the present, Galeo uses his time machine to show what really happened. It seems that Galeo was right all along, but Strangesnork tries to change the outcome in his favor. Galeo talks to his younger counterpart about his invention. Dr. Strangesnork talks to his younger counterpart about the fair. At the science fair, Strangesnork sabotages others' projects and accidentally makes Galeo's life even better.moreless
    • The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze
      Daffney and Casey go off to the circus. Meanwhile, Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed are setting up a Snork trap. At the circus, the Snorks see a sign looking for circus acts and they sign up. Even Lil' Seaweed and Bigweed join the circus. After seeing a gorgeous trapeze artist, Daffney wants to be one. She gets her chance when the star takes leave. She immediately signs up not knowing that she has joined the circus for life. And Lil' Seaweed is her roommate and she also wants to be a trapeze artist. They try out practice swings and they let their fears and their reservations of each other get the best of them in their act. As time goes by, they do really well. After doing a dangerous act, Daffney and Lil' Seaweed want to drop out. For the first time, Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed help out Daffney.moreless
    • Snork Ahoy
      Snork Ahoy
      Episode 27
      Allstar wants to do a book report on an adventure story and casey reminds him of another book he has to do. Allstar tells Casey that she has no sense of adventure. Then, a pirate ship floats into town and Allstar and Casey try to find out what's going on. The Captain is the Governor's brother and he tells him something about a treasure hunt. And where there's treasure, Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed get involved, as usual, along with Allstar and Casey. The captain discovers them and he doesn't prosecute them. They hear some great stories about the captain's life on the high seas. The Captain even tells them about a whale that is after him. That night while the captain is asleep, Bigweed, Lil' Seaweed and Stinky Dan try to steal the treasure map. Allstar and Casey try to stop them, but the Sea Urchins and Dan exile them from the ship. Sure enough, the whale comes after Allstar and Casey and they end up inside the whale! Meanwhile, the Sea Unchins and Dan try to find the treasure. Inside the whale, Allstar, Casey and the Captain smoke their way out and onto the island where their captors are. The Captain and the Snorks meet Hugo, who tells them that getting the treasure will be bad because it comes with a curse. The bad guys and the treasure (with the curse) and the good guys catch up to them. The Sea Urchins dump the Stinky Dan and face the wrath of the curse. Hugo invites the Captain to stay with him on the island.moreless
    • Snorkerella
      Episode 26
      Casey, Daffney and Lil' Seaweed all compete for a spot as the Homecoming Queen for a chance to date a popular guy. Allstar, Junior and Lester compete as well for a date with Sylvia, a popular girl. The boys and girls' infatuation each get in the way of their better judgments. Casey gets invited by Stevie to the dance, and Lil' Seaweed gets her in trouble by making her out to be a cheater on a test in school. Casey has to take a retest and clean up the classroom on account of Lil' Seaweed. Meanwhile, Allstar and Junior start fighting over Sylvioa, and she will pick the best Snorkball player in the football game. That gets Junior and Allstar going. Meanwhile, as Casey cleans up the room, Lil' Seaweed tries everything to mess it up. While cleaning up the room again, Casey gets a visit from a fairy snorkmother who cleans the entire place with one swoop of her wand. She then gives Casey a disguise. Casey goes to the game, but she has to be back at the classroom by noon. Lil' Seaweed makes Casey lose her shoe. After all that trouble that Junior and Allstar went through, Sylvis decides to take Lester! At the dance, Stevie tries to find the mystery girl who lost the shoe. Lil' Seaweed tries to stop Stevie from seeing Casey and ends up getting the teacher instead (Oops!)moreless
    • Robin Snork
      Robin Snork
      Episode 25
      Junior wants to buy a car, but doesn't have the money. He asks his father, and his father gives him a chance to earn the money. Junior's job is to be a watchman in Casey's father's store. While Junior takes a nap, a thief sneaks in and robs him blind. Shorty helps out Junior who then leaves him there to do his work. Shorty meets the thief and hides. All the Snorks wait in the store for the burglar. The burglar is helping out the captive Snorks by giving them food. Bigweed tries to get him as well. The thief turns out to be Jo-Jo! The poor people tell all about the strange "sheriff" and "Half-sheriff", which turns out to be Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed. Bigweed kidnaps Shorty and Lil' Seaweed gets the other Snorks to come to his rescue. The Snorks see through this plan and confront Bigweed.moreless
    • Nightmare on Snorkstreet (24 min)
      The Snorks are waiting for their latest copy of Seamonster Monthly magazine, but the mailman delivers a scientific magazine by mistake. In the magazine, it tells how the mythological monsters can be conquered by going to a castle. While the Snorks are having fun, a real monster does indeed come out! Allstar finds the magazine and finds out that he needs a key from the tomb of the mummy. In the tomb, Allstar gets the key and is pursued by a rock. Allstar gets out in time, and saves the Snorks in the process.moreless
    • Big City Snorks
      Big City Snorks
      Episode 23
      Corky, Jo-Jo and Daffney are camping out when they encounter a human ship. On the ship, a Hindu boy named Rahji is happy to be in America because his uncle gave him a seaport in his will. Two men who want the seaport try to get it from Rahji. They chase him around the ship and he jumps in the water. The Snorks help Rahji, but then a giant submarine with Mr. Billson on it gets Rahji (and Daffney who is hiding in his turban). Corky and Jo-Jo follow the sub to a secret garage, but they leave for a hotel. So Corky and Jo-Jo follow them in the big city, even though they have never been there before. Rahji discovers Daffney in his turban. Rahji finds out that Mr. Billson is getting his uncle's park so he can tear it down. Daffney goes to find help and meets up with Corky and Jo-Jo. They help Rahji to make it to his uncle's seaport in time to save it.moreless
    • The Wizard of Ice
      The Wizard of Ice
      Episode 22
      A boy loses his ball in the water and he falls in trying to get it. The Snorks save him, and they have to save a forest from a fire. The fire was started by a little fireball named Ember. She was evicted from her home by an Ice Wizard who has frozen her home and the Snorks try to help her get back. Junior wants nothing to do with his whole adventure until he hears about a golden river (with real gold) on the island. On the island, they find out that the Wizard put a spell on the people to turn them cold. It's up to the Snorks to help out Ember, but the Ice Wizard freezes them. Junior finds them and the Ice Wizard likes his selfish ways and recruits him as his assistant. Ember tries to get through to Junior by having the Wizard snub her out, and when he sees the light, Ember comes back and destroys the Wizard.moreless
    • Rhyme and Punishment
      In the library, Junior and Daffney come across a rare back room. They find a magical book with a magical princess. The princess wants to trade places with Daffney. The princess is trying to find out about everything in the Snork world, while Junior is trying to get her wand. In the book, Daffney is having a ball with the help of the storyteller. Of course, she starts messing up all the stories. The princess, meanwhile, is getting in trouble and Junior bails her out each time, only to get the wand. He uses the wand to get his own way. The princess sees his true nature and wishes that she was back in the story. Meanwhile, Daffney changes the stories around and everyone is mad at her, and now she wants to leave Storyland. Junior gives the wand back to the Princess after being famous gets him in trouble.moreless
    • Prehissnorkic
      Episode 20
      Snowfronts in July? Galeo finds out than an iceberg is causing the snowfront. Jo-Jo tries to stop it, but can't. Daffney comes up with an idea to melt the iceberg. As they melt the iceberg, they come across a frozen Snork Caveman. Galeo takes it back to the lab and the caveman breaks out. His name is Ork, and he was chasing mammoth fish and he got frozen up. Ork goes out and explores present day Snorkland and gets into a lot of trouble. After two months in Galeo's care, Ork gets homesick for his village. Galeo finds a time machine to somewhat take Ork back. They go back in time and see all of the dinosaurfish and a whole lot of other mean cavemen. Ork saves them and shows them around. Ork influences the other cavesnorks about prsent day inventions and stuff. The Snorks get back to their time machine, onlt to have it threatened by a Tyrannosaurus fish. They scare him away, but they run out of fuel and are pursued by other tyrannosaurus fish. They make it back to present day Snorkland in time.moreless
    • Jaws Says the Word
      Jaws Says the Word
      Episode 19
      Allstar is literally given a rude awakening by Occy, who wants to go swimmies. On his walk, Allstar comes across Junior and Willis who argue over who is the bravest snork. Junior tries to prove that he's a brave snork. He thinks that he is all that when he takes a bone out of a lion's cage. Allstar finds an injured Shark and helps him out. The shark, Joey, tries his best to repay him for making him better. Junior is telling everyone that Allstar is a coward, but when they meet Joey, he thinks that Allstar is an even bigger coward because he has a bodyguard. Little by little, Joey ends up making Allstar's life miserable, so Allstar gets rid of him. He plans a heist, but he is caught by an officer and tells Joey to back off. While Allstar is feeling sorry for himself, Junior tries to prove once again that he is the bravest at Devil's Bridge. Junior gets in trouble and it's up to Allstar to save him. But then, at an unexpectant moment, Joey turns up and saves both Allstar and Junior. Allstar tells them that you don't have to do stupid things to prove how brave you are.moreless
    • In Greed we Trust
      In Greed we Trust
      Episode 18
      Junior's grandfather comes to visit and tells Junior that it is best not to be greedy for it may get him in trouble. Junior finds a rainbow and wants the treasure at the end of it. Bigweed has his eye on the rainbow as well and gets into it with Junior over the loot. Junior sees other Snorks who are after the treasure, and he and Bigweed work together and agree to split the treasure (each plotting to take it all for himself secretly). They reach the treasure, and get sucked into an underground world where they meet an octopus named Greedypuss. It turns out that he put up the rainbow in order to attract greedy treasure seekers because greed makes him stronger and stronger. They both get enough treasure to last them a lifetime, but when they get to leave, Greedypuss does not let them go. Junior comes up with a plan to get out, and so does Bigweed. They work together again to obliterate Greedypuss when they realize that he swells up everytime someone gets greedy. They make him grow smaller and smaller with their big weapon- SHARING!moreless
    • Allstar's Odyssey
      Allstar's Odyssey
      Episode 17
      As the Snorks help fix Corky's sub, Allstar gets a story from Galeo about Ancient Grecian Snorks. When he tells about the ancient treasure, Little Seaweed gets interested upon hearing the word "treasure". Allstar believes that the myths are real. He goes off to search for the treasure, and the Seaweeds follow him. Allstar braves through the obstacles and makes it through to the castle, only to be caught by a siren. He shows her the Golden Fleece and she lets him go. Allstar gets a wisdom pearl that gives him three wishes. Meanwhile, Corky and Casey look for Allstar and are captured by Bigweed. Corky lets out his fleas to get Bigweed. Allstar is caught by Little Seaweed and takes the pearl from him. The siren then gets into it with Little Seaweed. After the battle, Allstar then tells Corky and Casey about his adventure, but no one believes him.moreless
    • Summer and Snork (24 min)
      The Snorks are rehearsing for a play, in which Tallulah Bankfish will play the lead role. Daffney will be the understudy. The Sea Urchins plan to kidnap Mrs. Bankfish for ransom. Allstar gets the role that Junior wants, and Junior tries to ruin it for him. he uses a Phanton disguise to scare Allstar into giving him the role. Allstar and the gang uses Junior's trick on him, not knowing that Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed are following the same plan to kidnap Tallulah Bankfish. While Mrs. Bankfish is kidnapped and giving the Sea Urchins hell, Daffney is a great success in her role in the play. Mrs. Bankfish gets back in time for the final scene and the curtain call.moreless
    • Robosnork
      Episode 15
      As always, it is Corky to the rescue. But the heroism is too much for him alone, so he goes to Galeo for help. Meanwhile, Bigweed discovers a way to capture Snorks- an old vacuum cleaner with great suction power. Corky and Galeo create a rocket to help the Snork patrol out. Pretty soon, the Robot starts taking over all of Corky's jobs, leaving him unappreciated. Corky leaves, and soon Speeder, the robot, goes crazy with safety by putting everyone in jail! Corky comes back and sets things right again.moreless
    • In Junior's Image (12 min)
      Junior's causing trouble lately for the Snorks (what else is new?). Meanwhile, Galeo creates a machine that pulls reflections out of mirrors. Junior creates a double of himself named Ditto. The Snorks are having a ball with Ditto and Junior is very jealous. Ditto and Junior have a nice contest to consider who stays in Snorkland. Junior tries his best, but Ditto cheats. Junior finds out that Ditto's plans are ruining his chances, and they both get into it at Galeo's place.moreless
    • How the Snork was Won (12 min)
      The Snorks get a visit from Chief Featherfin, an Indian Snork. The Governor & the Chief tell a story about how the Snorks came to Snorkland with the help of Davy Snorkett. They brave many obstacles to get to the new land by working together.
    • The Boo Lagoon (12 min)
      The Snorks fix up Corky's sub, and Smallstar gets inside and starts it up. The sub goes haywire and it crashes into the Boo Lagoon where the Skull Castle lays. The Snorks plan to help out, and tricks Junior into going with them when they say that there is a treasure. They meet a ghost, and they think that he was going to eat them. This ghost is a friendly one who was terrorized by the One-Eyed Pirate. They find Smallstar and the key to open the ghost's chains. They help the ghost fing his long lost love, Penelope.moreless
    • Junior's Fuelish Kelp Rush (12 min)
      Allstar, Daffney and Junior look for pond specimens for a contest. Junior finds a giant crab as it makes chase. Accidentally, he finds ruby kelp and takes it all for the contest. he finds out that the red kelp is useful for fuel and stuff. Junior sees the financial potential in the red kelp and sells it to many Snorks for outrageous prices. But the red kelp is worth every penny when the Snorks get through things much faster. Galeo hears about the miracle kelp on the radio and researches it. When Junior goes back to the cave for some more red kelp, there are not a lot there. So he sells the maps to the cave to the Snorks, and they see through his trick and get him Galeo tells him all that the red kelp is very rare, but Junior has used it all up to make a fast buck.moreless
    • Little Lord Occy (12 min)
      When the Snorks play a game, a man in a limosine come sup and looks for Occy. It seems that Occy is one of the long lost pets of the Snorkhamptons, which means BIG BUCKS! The Snorks disagree with him, but Junior thinks otherwise. the Snorks think it over and Junior makes Allstar say that Occy is not wanted, against his very will. Occy then runs off with the wealthy man to the big mansion where he meets the master. Occy goes through some rigorous training in order to behave like a rich dog. Occy misses his friends and his master invites them all to the Snorkutante Ball. The master decides that Allstar and Occy really belong together and this calls for a real celebration.moreless
    • Battle of the Gadgets (12 min)
      Bigweed has invented a giant clomp machine to conquer Snorkland. He and Little Weed's intentions are to ruin the Snork Awards for Defense. At the awards, Allstar wins for his machine and Junior, as usual, is upset because his invention didn't. Little Weed takes advantage of this and weasels to get it away from Junior. She trades her goopgun for it, and the Seaweeds use this machine to infiltrate Snorkland. Junior tries to show everyone his goop gun but no one listens. Junior ends up saving the day, unusual for him, by using the Goopgun on the Seaweeds.moreless
    • Who's Who?
      Who's Who?
      Episode 8
      Galeo creates an invention that switches the identities of things. Meanwhile, three snorkeaters are terrorizing the town and Allstar hides in Galeo's machine. The snorkeaters come into Galeo's lab and one goes into his machine. Allstar and the snorkeater accidentally switch bodies! they try to keep the others in the dark about their true selves until they return to normal, which is not gonna be easy.moreless
    • The Silly Snorkasaurus (12 Min)
      The Snorks try to find a shell for Galeo's machine. They split up and makes a game out of it. The winner has to be waited on for a week. Allstar, Corky, and Jo-Jo are pursued by Snorkeaters, and Junior, Daffney and Casey come across a golden stingray. Allstar finds a giant egg. Meanwhile, Dr. Strangesnork is spying on Galeo to steal his ideas. The egg hatches and out pops a mysterious creature. Galeo finds out that he is a Snorkasaurus. Dr. Strangesnork tries to get him for money. As the Snorks try to find the shell, the evil doctor steals the Snorkasaurus.moreless
    • Ooze Got the Snorks (12 min)
      Corky and Jo-Jo are travelling through and they see the Seaweeds trying to release the Big Ooze, which will destroy Snorkland. They get there too late and the Ooze is set free. The Ooze takes over Snorkland and uses electricity to get big. The Ooze also tricks the Seaweeds into getting in a cave where he has captured the Snorks. Allstar brings all the Snorks together to stop the Ooze. Bigweed agrees to help them out against his will. The Snorks get out of their jail by tricking the Ooze, and they swim for a sunken ship. They use his electric power to power the ship and make him shrink down to size. When Bigweed reneges on his word, the Snorks get him.moreless
    • A Starfish is Born (12 min)
      Allstar, Casey, Daffney and Occy all go to the Midnight Shallows to check out the stars and to set up camp. While stargazing, a star falls into the water. The star, Little Neb, wants to get back home, but Occy sees a mysterious person and they clear out. They head to Galeo's lab and find some ways to get Neb back into the sky. Their plans fail and they try other methods which also fail. The mysterious man comes back again. This man is the Star Greeter who takes Little Neb to his new home as a starfish.moreless
    • Dr. Strangsnork's Bomb (12 min)
      Galeo is made Assistant Governor by Governor Wetworth because of his many inventions. His brother, Dr. Strangesnork, is jealous of him. He decides to use a Snorkfish bomb on the Snorks. His cat tries to tell Corky about the impending danger. The governor gets a package and Corky opens it. The Snorkfish smell is let out by a small bomb sampler. Dr. Strangesnork wants to be the new governor of Snorkland but if he destroys Snorkland, his lab will be destroyed, too. He hasn't thought of those things and the Snorks try their best to find the bomb. Dr. Strangesnork remembers that he hid the bomb in Junior's statue. The bomb does not go off because he didn't arm it! Talk about stupid criminals!moreless
    • Day of the Juniors (12 min)
      Junior wants to make a lot of money, but he wonders how he can be in two places at one time. A peddler who was refused by Galeo gives Casey a multiplying formula. Junior gets a hold of the formula and produces three Juniors out of photographs. The three Juniors do his work for him, but then things get out of hand when the doubles sell Junior's stuff and get him in trouble. He employs Galeo's help to turn his doubles back into pictures again.moreless
    • Willie's Best Fiend

      A bored Willie finds a creature named Lizzy and they play together, unknowing that she is a snorkeater. This makes Junior and his family very nervous and they think that Lizzy is evil. When they leave for her house, the family thinks that Willie has been kidnapped. Lizzy wants him to meet her folks, but her folks want to eat him. Lizzy tries to tell them that a Snork can make an excellent best friend and they escape. The Snorks and the Snorkeaters start arguing, but they work together when Willie and Lizzy get in trouble.

    • Daffney's Not so Great Escape (12 min)
      While looking for both Daffney and Tooter, Allstar, Casey and Corky are caught by three ogres and are used as bait. They buy time while Daffney and Tooter try their best to get help. Daffney then disguises herself as a ghost to help her friends. Her plan fails and the ogres start arguing over who's gonna eat who. The Snorks escape to safety. Daffney finds out that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it.moreless
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